Four lessons you have to learn if you want to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, that is, if you really want to make it this time, then today’s article will be your new bible. These are the four lessons that must be incorporated to lose weight is a total and complete success.

Lesson One. Permanent versus temporary
If you’re looking for ways to lose ten kilos for month to forget, you’re condemned to failure before it began. If you think you can make a super strict diet and also make it indefinitely …

HealthThe type of extreme dieting and urgency to remedy the alleged conduct of years in a few weeks is what makes you fail, get rebounds and worsen your weight over the process for future weight loss.

This is the vicious circle in which most people do not make it hard:
Decision to lose weight -> Find a strict diet and trendy -> Losing a little weight -> Losing motivation for the monumental effort and lost some weight -> leave everything -> Recover lost weight.

The problem is you’re looking for a quick / magic / miracle solution to something that requires a long-term change in your permanent lifestyle. The solution is to think of a healthier lifestyle and not a diet you’re doing. Your weight loss should be something you enjoy and not torture. Definitely need to make changes in your eating and exercise is the new habit that must be present but again, your job is to find a healthy process and enjoy.

Then, once you’ve reached your desired weight that remains is to maintain the healthy lifestyle that led you to that new weight. Jump from that lifestyle and recover the lost weight. Therefore, the sooner you realize that it is something much better for permanent results you get.

Lesson Two. What is measured can be mastered
This is the most potent and powerful tool that will have forever! For many think is tedious monitor weight loss. Les seems a hopeless task that makes no sense. But it is quite the opposite.

If the amount of food you eat to lose kilos does not work how will you know? Consulting an oracle?? Of course not! You’ll know how to eat for controlling all your meals. Without that valuable data there is no way to adjust the process to make it more efficient. The same applies with exercise.

Come and we need not even keeping daily food and workout! Come applications for your smartphone to do the work for you! Controls, how complicated your life becomes 5 minutes daily recording what you do to achieve a goal you care to achieve?

Monitor gives you many benefits, some of which are:

  • You learn to detect where are the hidden calories
  • Have a record captured somewhere and that lets you see your progress, which alone motivates much
  • Discover weaknesses that you thought you had and you can further improve

Once you start to monitor what you do you will see that losing weight is not complicated or fancy. Instead learn to identify areas for improvement and make it motivate you knowing that you are optimizing the process to lose as much weight as healthy as possible.

Over time this will be so built that it automatically will.

Lesson Three. The quantities and quality of food imported, and much
If you wore a sedentary lifestyle then the first will be the fastest kilos to lose. This happens because your body has now returned to activity and almost automatically be burning calories because your body is trying to adapt to a new way of living, eating and exercising, and it will work more than usual.

But what happens, sooner or later your body will adapt to the initial change and the consequence will be that you start to lose kilos less. In other words, your weight loss will stall. What to do then? Very simple: adjust quality and quantity of food.

Adjust the amount because you have other weight, and therefore will not need as many calories. Adjust the quality (eat healthier meals) because that will automatically adjust the amount and improve your body in countless ways.

The food we eat and the quantities imported, a lot. Also important macro nutrients, i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and fats you consume. All three are essential and should be three of the best quality. You need protein to keep your muscle tissue, which in turn supports a healthy metabolism. Need (omega 3 and 6 mostly) healthy fats because this fat among other things helps eliminate fat you do not want to have. And finally you need carbohydrates because they are the main fuel for your body and brain to function properly.

Deserve a point because carbohydrates are the main cause of confusion and the food has a greater ability to get up unnecessary kilos. The traditional Western diet contains all carbohydrates should NOT supposed to consume. White flour, refined sugars, starches are carbohydrates all of which favor a bulging tummy and more. They are responsible for bad carbs more fat than any fat. It is therefore important that you learn to choose healthy foods and quality.

Educate yourself about what you have to eat it, along with exercise, the best you can do for your weight. So learn to eat well, learn to make good food choices, learn to detect them are harmful to your weight and never in your life do not need a diet.

Lesson Four. Without exercise will not work
You have to understand that exercise is necessary to lose weight, to feel better with yourself and your health. Exercise is something you should always do, the more days a week and do so from today until you die. Point.

Any exercise program you do is good for weight loss, always taking into account some considerations …

  • – You have to at least four days a week. You can not base the exercising sporadically or routine as you have the desire to work out or not. Five days would be ideal, allowing a reasonable time to rest and recover time physically and mentally.
  • – You must have a challenge dose. If you do the same thing over and over again and you strive not one bit about the last time then you would anticipate, will stagnate and fail to get results. Do not kill nor go to war every time you face your routine, but you have to work a minimum compared to previous time. And please do not despair, you strive cares a minimum. Many are tempted to think that more effort to better results but it’s not exercise. Strive too soon and you’ll get in a stalemate and a situation of resident of it will be very difficult to get out. Have patience and put the effort into perspective.

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