Glioblastoma: Discovering the protein that promotes the development of brain cancer

Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella are two Italian researchers in charge of the students of Columbia University in New York team that identified the ID2, the protein responsible for the growth mechanism of glioblastoma, the most aggressive and deadly brain tumors.

In its infancy, ID 2 allows cell differentiation and stops working when it ends the cell division process. Glioblastoma in the opposite happens: the protein ID 2 will remain active even when it concludes the cell differentiation process, blocks the action of Vhl protein – a natural enemy of cancer cells – and helps the action of Hif alpha proteins 1 and 2 support the proliferation of cancer stem cells.

neurons close up on magnifying glass and human brainSo it feeds glioblastoma, a brain tumor that affects every year 1,200 Italians, including children.

An article on the American research work led by the two Italian scholars, Iavarone and Lasorella, was published in the scientific journal Nature, emphasizing the significance of this finding that, if confirmed by further and more detailed studies, it could be the beginning of a targeted strategy to combat glioblastoma.

Over the years, thanks to the many oncology published articles, we learned that each cancer has its own characteristics , so each requires a specific therapy. Brain cancer, and glioblastoma in particular, is resistant to even aggressive treatments such as radio and chemotherapy. Know the role played by the protein ID 2 in the expansion of this cancer is essential to reconstruct the phases of its birth and growth and then intervene with appropriate care and pharmaceutical therapies. For more click hereĀ


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