Great natural yogurt remedy to remove bad breath

In addition to neutralizing hydrogen sulfide to remove bad breath, yogurt also helps us take care of our dental health. Also, good oral hygiene is essential to combat halitosis.

Bad breath is a major problem for many people, as it hinders their personal and intimate relationships and affects their mood and self-esteem. However, this disorder has a solution if we know its causes and the most effective solutions. Continue reading- The best ways to whiten your teeth at home

Discover in this article a great remedy based on natural yogurt, apple, cinnamon, and honey to remove bad breath. We can put an end to this unpleasant problem while we enjoy this delicious sweet recipe.

Causes of halitosis remove bad breath

Bad breath may be caused by the consumption of a specific food, such as garlic or onion. However, when we refer to the disorder of halitosis it is usually related to a chronic digestive disorder.

Many times the bad breath can be accompanied by other digestive discomforts such as belching and flatulence, gastric hyperacidity, gastritis or constipation. In these cases, halitosis is the evidence that there are traces of food in the gastrointestinal tract that have not been digested. The bacteria create gases that are the cause of the bad smell.

The remedy to remove bad breath remove bad breath

Natural yogurt: This food reduces bad breath and prevents dental problems, since it eliminates sulfhydryl acid, one of the main causes of halitosis.

Apple: This fruit is ideal to prevent mouth disorders and bad breath, in addition to providing great freshness.

The cinnamon, especially, in addition to providing its intense flavor, also promotes digestive function.

Honey: Honey is an antibacterial food that helps us prevent infections of all kinds, while we sweeten this recipe in a healthy way.

Ingredients  remove bad breath

1 natural yogurt (125 ml)

One Green Apple

1 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon (4 g)

1 spoonful of honey (25 g)

We can buy natural yogurt as long as it does not contain sugar, flavorings and other additives. Another option is to prepare our own homemade yogurt. It is not essential to have a yogurt maker, although this appliance helps us to maintain a stable temperature during the whole process. It will help to remove bad breath.


Preparing this remedy is very simple. We just have to follow these steps and we will have it ready in a few minutes:

Peel the apples and chop them. If they are ecological we can also consume their peeling.

Beat the apple with the rest of the ingredients: yogurt, cinnamon, and honey.

We will obtain as a result a delicious smoothie or cream with the sweet touch of cinnamon and honey.

How do we take it? remove bad breath

Although this remedy could be a delicious dessert or a very suitable snack for any time, if we want to combat bad breath we will have to consume it on an empty stomach. In this way, we will achieve the effect we want.

The most important time to take it is fasting and without mixing with other foods. Therefore, we will consume it when we get up and wait at least half an hour before having more breakfast.

However, if we want to do an intensive treatment we will also eat it half an hour before lunch and dinner.

Other tips remove bad breath

For this treatment to be effective we must take it daily for a season and follow these other tips:

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to clean toxins from the body. We should always drink on an empty stomach and outside meals. The recommended amount is, at least, a liter and a half a day.

Consume spices and aromatic plants with meals, especially parsley, rosemary, and juniper.

Improve our diet to balance the function of the stomach, liver, and intestine. Eat a good amount of raw fruits and vegetables every day in juices, salads, and smoothies.

Take a supplement of chlorella seaweed under the supervision of a professional.

Perform every day a good oral and dental hygiene. We must use the dental floss, the brush and a rinse (if possible, natural).

Make mouthfuls of oil during a season to remove toxins from the entire digestive tract.

Control the consumption of garlic and onion, especially raw, as they can promote the appearance of halitosis.

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