Helpful Advice of mark Berge on the issues faced by Geriatric patients

The advances in medical field have increased the life expectancy, leading to a remarkable rise in the elderly population. The genetic changes and the environmental impact have also brought about a change in the aging process, leading to more disabilities to tackle. Further, a sizeable portion of the population has been forced to become caregivers during some or other stage of their life. This has brought in considerable stress to the family members. 

patientsIssues Faced

While conditions like hearing and vision start to decline as people age, there are some conditions that are not that common but nevertheless affect a considerable percentage of the elderly people. Some of these include:

  • Depression
  • Dementia and memory loss
  • Incontinence
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postural difficulties and many more

These psychological health related issues add a complicated curve to the regular treatment process in the elderly mass. Geriatric physicians generally screen the patients for depression, as it is not that easily diagnosed and therefore left untreated in a majority of cases.

Risks Factors

With the aging process, an individual is also subjected to certain changes other than the bodily changes like slowdown in the reaction time, thinning skin, which can cause frequent wounds and breakdowns that do not heal properly, reduced immunity causing increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and reduced sensory perception, especially lowered smell or taste sensation in smokers that can reduce appetite and cause dehydration.

Dealing Successfully with Aging

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude will keep the aging process less painful and more fruitful. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, avoiding smoking and drinking in moderation, and regular health checkups are some of the ways to keep fit even in old age. Taking up new and engaging social activities with passion, strengthening family bonds, and creating a rapport with the younger generation all keep the mind and body active.

There are several community support centers and senior member centers which help to deal with the physical restrictions that come with aging and help you tackle with the limitations the right way possible. Health care centers like Mark Berger nursing home also provide able assistance in geriatric care.

Planning Ahead

Wise financial planning with proper management of assets and investments will help to keep you relaxed and enjoy your retirement. Taking the right insurance cover, proper health care checkups and treatment, and deciding on the living arrangements in future are some of the things that need to be taken care of in advance. The objectives and solutions you have planned on should be communicated well to both your family members and physician in a clear and precise manner possible.

Caregiver Issues

The care of the aging population is mostly taken care of by close family members like spouses and children or other relatives either in providing day to day help with chores like seeing to the bill payments and going to the local grocery, or by providing personal care like bathing, feeding, and dressing. The care is either provided at home where the caregiver resides which is only a minor percentage, or in a separate apartment or community.

Since care giving is a challenging and demanding task, getting help from the heath care provider will reduce your burden considerably. Approaching geriatric care with the right knowledge and approach will benefit both the patient and the caregiver immensely.

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Richard Aiken does not rule out the direct relationship of functioning of your body parts with aging. But he suggests some better ways to keep problems at distance and Mark Berger nursing home works perfect in this regard.

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