Homemade beauty tips the most effective

There are many homemade beauty tips that help us take care of our appearance, inside and out, without spending a lot of money.

Do the homemade beauty tips?
You might think that with modern cosmetic no competition with homemade beauty tips from grandmother. But really modern cosmetics is full of marketing and myths about the miraculous properties of certain products. Moreover, this industry owes much to the ancient homemade tricks for looking good.

BeautyHomemade beauty tips for skin

  • Natural Skin cleansing: We take a medium cucumber, and after liquefy, mix it with a cup of milk. Mix with a clean cotton face applies, let stand a few minutes and finally cleaned with wipes.
  • Honey against impurities and acne: Tibie 5 tablespoons of honey, which does not burn, and appliques gently spreading over the face well. Let stand 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Then don your usual astringent lotion.
  • Natural Scrub: For smooth skin, this scrub is suitable for dry or oily skin. Take two tablespoons of ground oats, honey and another of milk. Mix them into a homogenous result. Put it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Take it off by rinsing with warm water.

Homemade beauty tips for eye contour

  • Crow’s feet: Take two tablespoons of almond oil and brewer’s yeast. Mix them until a smooth paste. Apply it on the crow’s feet and let stand until dry. To rinse thoroughly remove it first warm and then cold. It is also effective in every crease of expression.
  • Dark circles and bags: Take a potato with the skin very clean and mix with breadcrumbs soaked in milk. Apply the mixture over the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes while grave easy with eyes closed.

Homemade beauty tips for hair

  • Beauty secret for shiny hair: Against loss hair shine or just to make it look brighter, a good home beauty trick is to get wheat germ oil overnight. Then in the morning wash your hair well.
  • Beauty secrets for hair volume: In a bottle mix water, a squeeze of lemon and a little liquid lacquer. After washing your hair, while this wet, put it on the hair while spraying remains with his head upside down.
  • Naturally dyed blonde: For blondes or chestnut wanting clarified much hair, there is a very effective beauty trick that involves washing the hair with sea water and chamomile shampoo.

Our tips
But the best trick and beauty secret is to eat healthy, light smoking (or better to leave it entirely), escape of excess stress and get enough sleep. And now no one hears us, the biggest secret is being comfortable with yourself, be happy or in love.

If you want to learn more natural and homemade tricks in our beauty section are several sections that will give you more ideas to be more beautiful or handsome.

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