Homemade yogurt: here’s how to prepare it (with or without yogurt maker)

Homemade yogurt is healthy, good, environmentally friendly, cheap and whoever has more puts it on! Two ingredients are enough to make homemade yogurt, and it’s much simpler than you think. Follow our directions and advice to get a tasty yogurt, made in a workmanlike manner.

Homemade yogurt? At the supermarket, there are all tastes, light, fruity, flavored, creamy or to drink. Why make them at home, if it is so easy to buy them? Why spend time preparing a homemade yogurt, if you just discard a jar and dip it in a teaspoon, to delight yourself with your favorite yogurt?

The advantages of homemade yogurt

First of all, a homemade yogurt has a special flavor (logical, we made it with love with our own hands).

Secondly, homemade yogurt is undoubtedly healthy, because we choose the ingredients.

And then homemade yogurt is cheaper but also environmentally friendly because it creates less packaging and transport waste than the yogurt we buy at the supermarket. To top it off, homemade yogurts can be declined according to everyone’s tastes: just show your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors, which will have nothing to envy to those of industrial yogurts!

What do I need?

Light and dietetic, yogurt is a perfect food to complete your meals or eat something nutritious but low – calorie for breakfast or a snack. Yogurt is a completely natural product that is obtained from the multiplication of bacteria ( Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus ) at a certain temperature (indeed, it is bacteria that do everything on their own, we just need to wait). And it is the bacteria that give it the typical sour taste.

For 8 jars of homemade yogurt, you simply need:

-1 liter of milk

-1 jar of whole natural yogurt (or lactic ferments in powder, which can be bought in the pharmacy)

-Powdered milk (optional)

-When buying yogurt, make sure that the expiration date is quite distant (minimum 20 days): in this way, the ferments will be vigorous and perky

Quality ingredients

There are only two ingredients for making yogurt, so it is good to choose quality ones. In short: few but good!

Here’s how to choose the basic ingredients.

The milk

Milk is the main ingredient in the preparation of homemade yogurt. The better the quality of the milk used, the better the final result. Starting from this assumption, all types of milk are fine. Cow’s milk, of course, but also goat’s milk and, why not, soy milk. You can use whole milk, but also partially skimmed milk, depending on the consistency you want to give to your yogurt. Using whole milk, the yogurt will be more compact and, conversely, if you want to prepare a yogurt to drink, you will have to use partially skimmed milk.

Milk powder

If you want to prepare a thicker and creamier yogurt, don’t forget to add some powdered milk. If you use whole milk, 4 tablespoons of milk powder will suffice; if, on the other hand, partially skimmed milk is used, twice the amount of milk powder will be needed.

The Yogurt

To prepare homemade yogurt, the second main ingredient is yogurt, because it will be the lactic ferments it contains to transform milk into yogurt. The first time chooses a natural industrial yogurt, while at a later time, you can instead use a jar of your yogurt to continue preparing your yogurt at home. You can also use powdered lactic ferments, which are equally effective.

Prepare the yogurt with the yogurt makerHomemade yogurt: here's how to prepare it (with or without yogurt maker)

Practical, inexpensive and trendy, the yogurt maker gives you the opportunity to make your yogurt in the blink of an eye.

Take the yogurt out of the fridge and leave it for a while at room temperature. Let the milk cool on the heat in an aluminum pan, taking care not to exceed the temperature of 40 ° C to avoid that the live lactic ferments are killed by the heat. Now all that remains is to remove the milk from the heat and mix it with the yogurt. Add the milk powder and mix well. Pour the mixture into yogurt cups, and arrange them in yogurt, leaving it on for 6-8 ore. Quando yogurts are ready, put them in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Prepare the yogurt without a yogurt makerHomemade yogurt: here's how to prepare it (with or without yogurt maker)

Don’t you have a yogurt maker? No problem: homemade yogurt can also be prepared without a yogurt maker, using the oven or pressure cooker. Follow the first stages of preparation, heating the milk in a steel pot and then mixing it with yogurt and milk powder. Pour the preparation into glass yogurt jars and close them with plastic wrap.

The yogurt prepared in the oven

Preheat the oven to 40 ° C. Put the jars of yogurt on a baking sheet and bake for about 1 hour and a half. Turn off the oven and leave the yogurts inside for about 6 hours. After removing the jars from the oven, put them in the fridge and wait a few hours before serving them

The yogurt prepared in the pressure cookerHomemade yogurt: here's how to prepare it (with or without yogurt maker)

Put 5 centimeters of water in the pressure cooker, put it on the hermetically sealed fire, and raise the pressure. Drop the pressure, drain the water and put the yogurt on the warm bottom. Close the pressure cooker tightly and let the heat work for 6-8 hours. After removing the jars from the pressure cooker, put them in the fridge. And wait a few hours before serving them.

Original homemade yogurtHomemade yogurt: here's how to prepare it (with or without yogurt maker)

Jam, caramel, seasonal fruit or spices: with homemade yogurt you can indulge yourself with flavors and colors!

To make a fruit yogurt, put a few spoonfuls of jam or pieces of fruit on the bottom of the yogurt pots before pouring the hot yogurt, before the yogurt maker/oven/pressure cooker phase. In particular, you must avoid mixing the jam or fruit with yogurt before it is ready because the acidity of the fruit could prevent its fermentation.

To prepare flavored yogurts, however, there are two options:

– add a few drops of vanilla extract, coffee, orange blossom to the boiling milk.

– put the flavoring element (spices, lemon or orange peel, etc.) in infusion in the milk for about 12 hours, and then remove it before heating the milk.

In short, now you have no more excuses for not preparing your yogurt at home: you will see what it tastes like!


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