How beats our heart

Cardiac holter is a tool used in cardiology to test heart health by monitoring the heartbeat. It is a painless test or invasive, takes only the assisted patience to wear for 24 hours, the medical device as applied by the doctor, that is, holding the electrodes on the chest and carrying a small battery-powered recorder.

Despite the simplicity of instrumentation, for some people the heart holter can cause discomfort or impractical. These patients will be pleased to know that in a not too distant future the Holter electrocardiogram and will be replaced by a pill.

how-beats-our-heartA group of MIT and Harvard scientists have developed a pill that contains a micro-camera that ingested, records your heart rate and breathing, and brings to an external recorder all data collected.

To check the arrhythmias and other symptoms of heart disease, such as palpitations and sudden dizziness, it will be sufficient to immediately consult your cardiologist and swallow the pill with micro camera. It is an invention created through careful research and training, and that could be applied to more areas, not only the diagnosis of heart disease but also the heart and lung rate measurement in high stress situations and under conditions where no you may have to doctors and clinics available.

The pill, which will replace the electrocardiogram has been tested on some animals to compare the values detected by this method with those that emerged from the classic diagnostic tests: the results coincide, and this encourages researchers to continue even trials. For more click


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