How can I get taller?

There are many men who were taller than others when they were first growing up, but then started to see others continue growing while they stopped.  

For this reason, many people look for good exercises to grow taller.

Why should I do height increasing exercises? 

  • More confidence

◦      If you talk to a tall woman, chances are that they wish they were not so tall.  The only opportunities for tall women to make a name for themselves is either through sports or through becoming a model.  The same goes for men who are shorter than average.  There are certain sports that they know that they are better off not attempting, and other aspects of their lives are more difficult as well.  This causes a loss in confidence that can only be regained through accepting yourself or trying to change what it is that you do not like.  This can be done through the height increasing exercises.

  • Better luck in the business world

◦      It has been proven that when going for a job interview as a male, there is a better chance of you getting a job if you are taller than the other candidate.  While this is absolutely not fair, the same can be said for people who are overweight and sometimes, people who are women.  Fairness is not taken into consideration when employers are choosing who they want to choose for a position, and sometimes your height can play a factor in their decision. 

  • Societal acceptance

◦      In some cultures, it is normal for men to be short, and it was that way during different time periods in our history.  However, that is no longer the case.  It is a common expectation for men to be taller, and if you are a shorter man, you are already looked at differently than other men who are taller than you.  It is easier to be accepted by society if you are taller. 

  • Attractiveness to women

◦      Women like to feel feminine, and it can be hard for them to feel that way if they are with a man who is smaller than them.  This makes it hard for them to wear heels without being even taller than their date, and in some cases, can be a dealbreaker.  Some women have a standard set for a particular height of man that they are willing to date, and if you are shorter than this height, then you do not stand a chance with them.

What are some exercises I can do? 

  • Yoga

◦      Yoga is known for being an exercise that completely stretches out and leans out your muscles.  Not only is it great for stimulating your metabolism and helping the production of HGH, but it helps with lengthening the muscles through repeated yoga poses that require you to stretch a long way.

  • Hanging

◦      Hanging your body uses the help of gravity to give some great results.  There are bars and other support systems that are made to go in doorframes that you can secure your feet in and hang upside down.

  • Stretching

◦      Hand in hand with yoga, stretching is the best and easiest way to elongate your body.  While you need to do more stretching than you do with a regular workout, it is easy to get results if you stay consistent.

There are many men who wish that they were taller, and therefore search for grow taller exercises that will help them achieve that goal.  There are no medications or other solutions to help with this issue, so by doing exercises, you can give yourself the results you are looking for!

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