How Changes of Hormones in Men, Can Affect Their Life

It is a notion amongst everybody that only women go through menopause, which is not true at all. On the contrary, men also go through reduction in the levels of their hormones, amongst which, the major one is testosterone. In males, the phase of menopause is known as Andropause, which results in a lot many changes in the bodies of men. But to counter the symptoms of this, there is New Jersey hormone replacement therapy which can help them overcome the side effects.

Major side effects related to the reduction in levels of testosterone

Due to aging or any other reason, if the levels of testosterone fall beyond normal in men, they might start facing severe consequences. Some of the problems faced by men are:

  • This can cause reduction in the fat mass of the body, which might induce sudden weight loss.
  • It can increase the chances of atherosclerosis and arthritis in them.
  • Low levels of testosterone are associated with depression and symptoms of some other psychological disorientation.
  • Lack of coordination and alertness is also one of the consequences.
  • Lack of sexual arousals and feelings is also observed in those, who have lower level of testosterone.
  • Cognitive capability is also hampered.
  • High cholesterol and high blood pressure is also very common amongst those with lower levels of testosterone.
  • Chances of cardiovascular diseases also increase due to the falling levels of testosterone

But to counter all these health risks, bioidentical hormone doctors New Jersey suggest that by consuming these hormones in daily life, the level of hormones can be maintained. You can restore the level of hormones in your body by consuming them either through pills, syringes or therapies. If artificially these hormones are induced in your body, the side effects related to this problem can be dealt with.

Things to keep in mind while going for hormone replacement therapy 

There are certain important things which should be kept in mind while going in for NJ hormone replacement therapy, which are:

  • Proper hormone testing should be done prior to going in for the therapy.
  • Trends and symptoms should be studied in details to be sure about the hormone which is deficient in your body. And then, the therapy should be done for that particular hormone.
  • Nothing of extreme level should be done, and the procedure of hormone replacement should be done gradually.
  • Even after the completion of therapy, proper medication and supplements should be consumed, for beneficial results.
  • Only an experienced and highly qualified doctor should be contacted to perform the replacement therapy for hormones.

You can easily get New Jersey bioidentical hormones specialist in almost every location, who can guide you further on this process. But undergoing this therapy will surely reduce the side effects caused by dropping level of hormones in your body. Also, this therapy is pretty affordable, which means you do not have to shell out a huge amount of money to undergo this therapy.

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