How to Achieve a Perfect Smile – And Maintain It!

In today’s world, appearance can mean a great deal, and a perfect smile greatly affects your image and self-confidence. After all, who doesn’t want to have perfect teeth? A person’s smile is one of the first things you notice upon meeting somebody new. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with a dazzling smile and perfect teeth; however, for many it isn’t that simple. Having a damaged smile greatly affects personal image perception, to the point of creating low self-esteem issues and making it absolutely impossible for some to be around other people. People with damaged teeth often seek to avoid social situations and try not to smile or laugh, embarrassed by their imperfections and scared of what other people may think of them. Furthermore, missing teeth can make you look older, as the cheeks tend to sink into the mouth, creating wrinkles. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to restore and maintain your perfect smile.

Care For Your Teeth

What they told you at school is true: remember,correct dental hygiene is essential to keep your smile in top shape! Everyone knows the rules, but not everyone actually follow them: brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least three minutes, floss every day, use a good mouthwash and take fluoride supplements if necessary. If your teeth are clean, your gums are nice and pink and do not bleed when you brush your teeth, and bad breath is not an issue, you can be sure your mouth is super healthy!

Try to stay away from food and drinks that are known to stain your teeth, such as tea, coffee, red wine and hot chocolate. If you really cannot go without your black morning tea and your glass of wine at lunch, try to brush your teeth immediately afterwards and drink water in between consuming potentially staining beverages. Using a straw can also help prevent stains, although perhaps it is a method best reserved for when you are alone and drinking iced coffee!

Consider getting braces (yes, even if you’re an adult!) to straighten crooked teeth and remember to schedule a visit with your dentist once a year to get your teeth cleaned and for a general check-up.

Try Home Whitening Treatments

So you didn’t stay away from the tea and coffee, but have no fear! It is still possible to save the situation. Aside from the most common whitening treatments available, did you know there are various inexpensive treatments you can make at home? For example, try adding a bit of baking soda to your toothpaste once a week; the soda whitens your teeth but be careful, overusing it can damage them!

Another popular method is oil pulling, which involves swishing a small spoonful of oil (usually sunflower, sesame or coconut) in your mouth for a few minutes, and then spitting it out into the trash. While the benefits of oil pulling have not been scientifically demonstrated, it boasts a huge number of fans and followers, and it surely can’t hurt your teeth!

It is best to avoid remedies involving strawberries, vinegar, or other acidic foods; while they do remove stains, they also eat away your enamel in the process, ultimately damaging your teeth.

Consider Dental Implants

Sometimes, in extreme cases, an excellent option is to consider dental implants. Especially when dealing with loss of teeth, dental implants can be the best solution, both for functionality and aesthetics. Dental implants are now of a very high quality, and are especially comfortable thanks to the new technologies available. Artificial teeth are in fact held in place through titanium metal screws which are placed in the jaw bone. Titanium is used because it is incredibly strong and it is the most biocompatible metal we know; for these reasons, it works particularly well in joint replacement and prosthetic cases, as it allows human bone growth to adhere to the implants, therefore allowing the implants to last longer.Titanium tubes are used in all kinds of medical procedures, including dental implants. In fact, once the titanium is placed into the jaw bone, it begins to integrate with the bone and creates an exceptionally strong permanent base. Once it has healed, custom dentures or a custom crown are attached, creating a beautiful (but still natural!) smile and restoring your self-confidence in the process.”

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Remember, You Are More Than Just Your Physical Appearance!

We know, in today’s society it seems you have to have it all to be successful: a perfect smile, perfect hair, a perfect body, and so much more. But remember, you are so much more than your appearance! If you let your genuine self shine through, people will like you and appreciate you no matter what your smile looks like. The best smile is a genuine smile, not a perfect one; don’t let it stop you from experiencing anything. Be yourself, which is always the best you can be, and people will love you for it!

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