How to Help People Manage Their Stress

Unfortunately, stress is a condition that affects nearly everyone in the world at one time or another. Learning to effectively deal with stress can be a complicated process, especially if you do not know the right techniques to use. If you work with people on a regular basis who need help managing their stress, there are several effective strategies you can learn to help them.

StressWhile this may not eliminate the amount of stress in their lives, it will help them learn how to deal with it more effectively. Below is a look at several ways you can help people learn to manage their stress.

Identify Stressors

One of the first things you want to do is try to help the person identify the various things in their life that may be causing their stress. Stressors can be virtually anything in somone’s life. However, some common stressors include: having a new baby, problems in the workplace, a strained relationship, a death in the family, or financial strains. Identifying these causes of stress in their life can help you determine what stress relieving techniques may be the most beneficial for the person.

Breathing Techniques

A common practice used to help manage stress are breathing techniques. You can teach a person to effectively deal with their stress by learning to slow down their breathing. Often when people are experiencing anxiety, their heart rate increases and their breathing becomes quick causing tension throughout their entire body. Breathing techniques are so valuable because, if done correctly, it will help to relax the entire body and bring their heart rate down to a normal level.


Meditation is also known to be very effective and can help slow down the body and the mind. There are several different types of meditation, including guided, transcendental, mindfulness, and Zen. It is important to realize that people respond to different types of mediation in different ways. What might work for one person, may not be right for another. This is why it is important to know the person you are trying to help in order to determine what type of meditation would work best for them.

Alternative Therapy

There are also various types of alternative therapy that may be able to help some people manage their stress better. This can include a combination of several natural vitamins and supplements, a change in one’s diet, an increase in exercise, other lifestyle changes, or even hypnosis. The goal should be to try to increase the overall balance of their mind, body and spirit. Together, this will work to relieve stress and help them to maintain a manageable anxiety level.

These stress-relieving strategies can help a person lower and maintain a healthier level of anxiety. It is vital that you know which stress reducing strategies work for each person you are trying to help. To gain a better understanding of how to help people manage their stress, you may want to consider taking a course in stress management.

This will not only help you learn how to teach people the techniques listed above, but you will learn how to help people identify their stressors. This will help you develop a specific treatment plan that will work best for each person. You can use this training to help those you work with who are currently dealing with high levels of anxiety. 

Dominick L. Flarey is interested in health and well-being. His experience in the industry makes him an expert on various medical topics.

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