How to keep your dental brace in perfect condition

A good cleaning habit and proper maintenance of the dental splint will help us to prevent infections and other problems in the mouth.

using a removable orthodontic or a split carries have some multiple advantages – such as the former are more hygienic and it can prevent bruxism and other similar problems that may end up damaging our teeth. You have to ensure one thing, keep that in good condition for avoiding infections.

Something that is not always easy to achieve, especially if we don’t know how to do it. We are referring to those little tricks of conservation, hygiene, and maintenance that will allow you to keep it always clean and bacteria-proof. Ready to meet those tricks?

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How to clean a dental splint:

To clean the dental splint you need to need to have a small brush that able to squeeze between the different recesses and preferably soft one to avoid leaving marks when you pressed inside the mouth. Do the process with light and circular movements. You can always adapt them based on the thickness of the protector (for example, it will not be the same to clean an invisible orthodontics that one more bulky thought for boxers).

Place it under the faucet so that the dirt can be removed easily and it will fall on the pile. In this way, it will be easy for you to know which has been detached and which remains embedded.

You can also give a review once you put because often we tend to focus on the interior and neglect the visible part. Brush it as it is your own denture and that the proper way to doing it. This process will give you an extra stability and the possibility of rushing more result.

On the other hand, if you like to keep it in its case, dry it with kitchen paper which is thick enough or you can use a small cloth. Remember that humidity is one of the favorite environments for fungi and bacteria.

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Can any product serve?

As for the cleaning product, we have several options. In fact, it is not necessary to complicate too much but with water and a neutral soap, optimal results are obtained. Accompany them with effervescent cleansing tablets, which do not spoil the splint and are designed for this purpose. Remember to rinse the splint before putting it on, its taste may be unpleasant, although most states that do not damage the enamel.

Some ingredients like baking soda (mixed with water), lemon and vinegar will also help. In fact, the latter are natural disinfectants. In any case, before trying these solutions you should consult your dentist.

The hygiene of the case:

Taking care of the hygiene of the case and the glass or container in which you leave the splint is also fundamental. With regard to this first, remember to wash it regularly at least once a week to avoid the dirt deposit especially if you want to remove the splint and keep it directly without cleaning (another big mistake). You can put it in the dishwasher if the plastic has enough thickness.

As for the glass or container where you let it rest while you are washing it – with a pill like the ones mentioned, for example -, the same reasoning can be applied. In addition, it is important that it has a cover; otherwise, external agents, dust, and other particles may be introduced into the interior. Avoid using the water or the liquid inside.

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Potential mistakes and precautions to prevent infections:

Apart from the above, there is a possibility that you are making a series of mistakes that you are not even aware of. Insert the split directly from the mouth into the glass is one of them. Always rinse before doing so.

And although it may seem very simple logic to apply that you can avoid eating all kinds of food with it. Yes, even those foods that you do not have to chew like jelly beans or blueberries, which could even end up staining your color. You also can not drink isotonic beverages and others drink coffee, juices, tea and even chocolate milk. Not to mention that you should never put it back without brushing your teeth if you take them without the splint. In fact, this could end up staining your enamel.

Also, do not put it in hot water or in the dishwasher, it is likely to have a whitish shade that is not aesthetic and deform and lose the mold of your teeth, something very problematic. Also keep away from the sources of heat in general for this same reason even if it is inside the base and save yourself unpleasant surprises.

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Other maintenance tips and considerations:

Beyond the above, there are a number of considerations that you should keep in your mind that do not try to be well aligned before biting or exerting any type of pressure that may end up with breaking.

If it is a finer orthodontic try to remove it carefully with the same objective unless you could end up with hurting yourself. Before putting it back you have to wet it to make it a little more flexible and feel a bit more comfortable. In addition to tooth brushing, do not forget to floss.


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