How to keep your diet on Easter?

It is about one of the worst times of the year – after – Christmas: Easter. It is full of eggs and other chocolate figures, but also family gatherings laden calories. And you, thinking if in the gym or refuse to between bite on your body. How to keep your diet on Easter?

diet on Easter

Learn to set limits

It’s Easter, and the idea of not even eat a piece of chocolate is not the best. Ideally, we know understand the limits and enjoy food without guilt. And not only for watching our weight, but also our health: food binge cause us indigestion and stomach problems.

Therefore, it is important to eat a little of everything without changing eating habits much. For example, do not skip breakfast, do not eat more than one plate – usually you do not, why yes today – , have healthy snacks to hand pick all day no chocolate. If you’re afraid of losing control, you can be writing down what you eat and the amount of calories you take, so do not eat too much.

How to choose Easter egg?

You may be of those people with willpower, you are able to eat a piece of chocolate and then go about your day. But most of those who are still eating until no more Easter egg.

Therefore, it is especially important to choose Easter egg. The smaller are ideal if we will not share, while large are for sharing with family.

The eggs of about 400 grams usually have the recommended daily allowance of calories for a person, and nearly twice as necessary fats. Thus, you would be consuming more than twice what you owe on the day.

Another important point to consider is the type of chocolate that we choose: it is much better to opt for quality rather than quantity, our health, and apart because we feel more satisfied with something good. The more black is purer the chocolate.

Eat chocolate for dessert: Easter egg eating on an empty stomach will increase your blood sugar levels, causing your body to feel hungry faster.

And you are you going to maintain the diet at Easter? What are your tricks to not wipe out chocolate eggs?

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