How to lose weight and preserve health

How to lose weight and preserve health

If you really want to get rid of the extra weight in the healthiest way – neither crash diets will help nor will the intensive bursts of exercises. Our bodies prefer gradual changes in terms of physical activity as well as nutrition. If a person having not exercised for a long time will rush into running a long distance daily it will not do you any good. Most likely you will not only injure yourself, but feel disheartened and demotivated as well.

With people who start starving suddenly it’s the same. Some types of diets, which restrict calories severely, may lead to a deficit of nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for your body.

So what should be done to lose weight?

Energy required and weight loss

Our bodies use food to get energy and store every extra calorie as fat. If you take more food than your body requires, you gain weight. To get rid of it you should use up the fat stored in your body. The most efficient way to get the result is

• to reduce the amount of taken calories and
• to increase physical activity level.

This is why experts talk about how to lose weight after birth in terms of diet and exercise.

Introduce changes step by step

Small changes are able to produce a great difference. Just 1 extra cracker a week can lead you to gaining 5lb a year, but getting rid of the same dessert may help you lose the same weight. You’d better not keep the diet which sets rules for all foods, but just regulates your breakfast for instance every morning.

Weight loss is more effective when you change your eating habits permanently and sustain changes over months and years, changing your whole lifestyle.

Increase your level of activity

In case you maintain the same nutrition, but increases exercise, you are sure to lose weight. Take half an hour walks if you do not like gyms, but it will still benefit to your aim if done on a regular basis.

Every time you are physically active, you burn calories and consequently fat. The ways to increase your activity are multiple: aerobics, fitness, team sports, athletics, cycling, swimming, etc.

Chose something to your liking in terms of location and cost as well, it’ll be easier to adopt it to your routine and continue exercising in spite of holidays, family occasions or whatever.

• Leave your car at weekend and walk to the shops, to the parks, to a kind of picnic, so that you control your food that day as well.
• Use stairs instead of lifts, try to get off the bus one stop before yours and walk part of the way.
• Use breaks between TV-programs to make some exercise, possibly put an exercise bicycle in the living room to train your favorite TV show.

Cut your calorie intake

If you have extra weight changing your eating habits is a must. It’s impossible to get rid of fat continuing eating lots of food, sweets and cakes. You will not necessarily refuse them all forever, but you definitely need to learn how to reduce the amount you eat.

Keep it in mind that all crash diets (every diet with less than 1500 calories) results in your desperation and getting weaker. They also may lead a yo-yoing effect after a prompt result.

Actually there are no shortcuts to getting rid of the extra weight quickly, but healthy and reasonably.

It’s real to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week reducing your daily calorie intake at 300 to 500 calories. Though you may think it’s slow, the overall year result can add up to a sensitive weight loss. Cut the fatty foods and eat more raw stuff, fruit and vegetables.

There are some tips below to reduce calories in your nutrition in a simple way:

Below there are ways to reduce calorie intake without having to alter your diet significantly.

• Take water instead of fizzy drinks or fruit cordials.
• Change whole milk for semi-skimmed, and if you prefer semi-skimmed for skimmed.
• Eat less at lunch, limit the use of butter, margarine or full-fat mayonnaise, possibly making your own sandwich.
• Refuse from taking sugar in tea and coffee.
• Take smaller portions.
• Avoid any unhealthy treats like sugary biscuits and crisps between meals.
• Reduce alcohol intake
• Don’t skip meals, it will only make you hungrier later on and may lead to overeating
All these measures will have positive effect to your health.

Irregular eating habits damage your metabolism, and this is the main reason of problems with losing weight.

Write a plan

As soon as you’ve made up your mind as to the changes to make, write it down. And try to follow your plan.

Be patient and persistent

To notice changes you’ll have to wait minimum a week or two, but they will come without any doubt and appear steadily later on. In a month you’ll see the clothes sit differently on you.

It’s often very difficult to stay motivated and there may be days when healthy eating goes out of the window. There will be a dead period, when your weight stops and even gained back a little, but it’s normal. Do not let it ruin your plans of getting a perfect body. It may be useful to look into the plan you have and make slight changes to your daily nutrition or increase your physical activity with the course of the time.

Don’t forget to praise yourself for achieving certain goals with a kind of rewards like a newly-bought dress or going out.
Celebrating is a way to share your success and involve your nearest and dearest – getting their encouragement and further support from to help you get through the bumpy patches.

Health benefits of weight loss

When overweight women get rid of extra 10lb and 20lb their risk of diabetes is reduced 50%, for men, heart problems risk reduces significantly.

In general we gain weight growing older, several pounds are not crucial, but more than 20lb compared to the weight at the age of 18 rapidly increase the risk of health problems: for womenit increasesthe risk of heart attack dying from cancer.

Though it all may seem the problems of the future, time flies rapidly and it’ important to keep your weight within healthy range to reduce health troubles in the later years.

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