How to prepare fruit and vegetable smoothies to gain health

This is the key to preparing healthy and delicious smoothies which help us to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

We all know the recommendation to consume five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, although it is not always easy to incorporate them into our diet, especially if we do not have the custom. A good way to start enjoying fruits and vegetables, increase your intake and take advantage of its benefits is to transform into delicious shakes, also known as smoothies.

fruit and vegetable smoothies

Today we give you all the keys to prepare them and that will help you in your purpose of following a healthier diet every day, but always without forgetting that the smoothies can never substitute the consumption of the whole fruit and vegetable, only complement it.

fruit and vegetable smoothies

Ingredients to fill us with vitamins:

As we saw in the post about smoothies to refresh and hydrate, its preparation is very simple, we only need a blender and have the following elements: a liquid base, fruits, vegetables, and toppings. Unlike when we prepare a juice here we are going to take advantage of more of the fruit, so in the beginning, we ensure a greater contribution of fiber and nutrients.

Water is the lighter liquid base that exists, but we can also give our smoothie a little creamier texture without overheating with calories using skim milk, soy or oat milk, skimmed yogurt, green or red tea, juice of Orange or lemon or infusion of fennel, which in addition to being diuretic will provide a slightly sweet touch.

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Although we have almost any type of fruit available all year round, much better if you always include in your season smoothie. Regarding the vegetable uses to consume in raw chard, spinach, celery, beet … Vegetables full of vitamins that we usually lose in part when cooking. Dare to add a teaspoon of algae like spirulina or wakame seaweed, are rich in iodine and also stimulate metabolism.

Finally opt for toppings that bring flavor or a crisp touch, but keeping the healthy line of your smoothie like nuts, sprout cinnamon, poppy seeds or a small spoonful of honey.

fruit and vegetable smoothies

The allies in your diet:

The fruit smoothies and vegetables, being easy to prepare and so tempting, are perfect as part of a healthy diet, they can serve as a snack before and after exercise, as a first or accompaniment at lunch or dinner, to replace The snack … A practical and very simple way to get a super complete breakfast is to prepare a milkshake in the morning that includes dairy, cereals, and fruit, with which to start the day loaded with energy.

All this taking into account that we cannot eliminate from our diet some healthy fats such as those provided by avocado or nuts, which will also enrich our shakes with omega 3 and quality vegetable proteins, respectively.

fruit and vegetable smoothies

Combinations for a shake off 10

The mixes of fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie are practically endless, so it is easy to find how to adapt them to our tastes and needs. If you are looking for inspiration these are some light proposals, ideal both for its flavor and for its nutritional contribution:

  • Strawberry and orange smoothie, seasoned with a hint of cinnamon, a delicious snack with less than 100 calories to drink a good dose of Vitamin C in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Green smoothie: fresh spinach, tea, kiwi and a pinch of ginger will add more Vitamin C and Vitamin E to your diet.
  • Yogurt and Green Tea Smoothie: It only has 57 calories and is a refreshing, perfect option to hydrate after a physical activity session.

The fruit and vegetable shake, within a balanced diet, contribute to strengthening our immune system and the good state of the intestinal flora. Even so, it is very important to alternate with pieces of fruit and whole vegetables, not to lose even one of its benefits.


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