How to prevent and treat muscle cramps

A cramp is that feeling of electricity that attacks the muscles by some form of exercise or movement. While most suffer from this pain are athletes, anyone can get it. In the following article you will learn how to prevent and treat muscle cramps.

Muscle cramps: why they appear

There are several reasons why the cramps are generated in the muscles, i.e. various theories. The most widespread and tested is because the body or the area in question has an excess or accumulation of lactic acid, a chemical that occurs when too much causes muscle fatigue.

Muscle CrampsAnother theory concerning cramps is based on the relaxation and contraction of muscles, i.e. antagonists and agonist movements occurring during exercise. This process involves two proteins that make the muscle can not relax.

Third, the theory most widely in how the onset of cramps is due to over excitement of muscles and loss of fluids due to continuous activity during training or exercise. This causes a decrease in inhibitory signals System nervous and results in involuntary spasms.

So the consequences of cramps are overexertion, poor nutrition and hydration and a high level of stress. When they occur at night when we are sleeping, for example, it is due to overexertion done during the day.

Balanced exercise

We need to find a balance when you exercise or you train. Throughout the session modifies the speed and load and be sure to drink plenty of water, but do not feel thirsty. But beware, that increased intake of water can also bring negative consequences. For a shorter workout, a few sips every ten minutes is right. If it’s more difficult, then, opt for sports drinks.

Elongation and stretching

Before and after sport is important to warm and stretch muscles so that they are prepared for the exercise. It includes all muscle groups in your stretching routine. The days do not go to the gym, also stretches a little, even when you wake up or before going to sleep.

Consistent exercise

In complement to the first board, it is necessary that your exercise routine is according to your features. Do not try to do everything the first day or lift a lot of weight if you’ve never done before, only to appear in front of others. Design an exercise program with a professional so you can gradually increase the intensity gradually. Variations in the exercises should be gradual too.


When suffering many cramps may be due to a deficiency in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Therefore, a good idea is to consult with the nutritionist or pay more attention to what you eat. Do not hesitate to add bananas, avocados, potatoes, spinach, skim milk, cheese and yogurt into your daily diet.


The number of hours that must sleep per day will depend on several factors, such as the number of activities, customs, age, etc. However, it should never be less than 7 hours daily. If you can, rest half an hour in the afternoon. So your muscles can relax and minimizing the chances of cramp.

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