How to Survive Exams

Exams aren’t just the plight of the teenager. Many people across the globe have to sit exams, with a lot of them happening once school and university are over. Whatever your age or stage of examinations are, you need to know how to survive them. For many people, they can seem quite terrifying. They needn’t be and being scared of them will make the problem ten times worse. Let me help you stay calm and prepare for these marathons of brain activity.

Stay Calm

I would like to start from this. Worrying about exams can be dreadful on your health and can lead to stress in adults and what’s called Teen Anxiety Disorder in the youth of today. Teen anxiety can be deadly to the success of your exams and can also lead to serious mental and physical problems later in life. Luckily there is treatment for it. Follow the link above and you’ll be taken to a blog that features some great advice.

Look out for these tendencies if you’re worried about Teen Anxiety Disorder:

  • Extreme Tiredness
  • Mild Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Excess Sweating
  • Chest pain
  • Panic Attacks

Big Paper

A part of the reason why people get so nervous and anxious around exams is because of the thought of failure. To help stop this feeling of impending doom come results week, you can revise and prepare more. This way you won’t feel as scared in the lead up to it.

One of the ways to stop yourself feeling so worried is to buy some big pieces of paper and use them to make diagrams, notes, tables, and charts. When this is done you can pin them on your wall and review them. Trust me when I say that this is one of the most effective forms of revision one can do.

Have a Kit Kat

Breaks are vital in the lead up to exams. I don’t just mean that you have to take breaks when revising – you do, though, and every hour is a good shout – but you should take breaks in the lead up to exams. Have a day or two of doing nothing, or go on a day trip to a neighbouring town or wildlife reserve. Get away from the exams for a little while. You’ll feel a lot better when you do.


Sleep is a God-send. Do I really need to say much more? Sleep! Plus, no late night revising – it will turn your brain to mush and you won’t remember anything about what you read.

Want More?

If you’ve sat through exams in the past you’ll probably have all the knowledge and know-how on how to survive the weeks of furious pen scribbling. If you still want more help, you might be able to find it here, but then again you might be destined to fail and be like Bill Gates who left school early and decided to become the richest man the world has ever known…  Your call.

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