Intelligent Vending Machines: The New Era of Vending machines

Customized vending machines are making their way to the front line. Innovation has let people experience what convenience is all about with these kiosks. In your office, for example, you don’t have to run down to a popular coffee shop for your caffeine fix. Gone are the days when vended coffee was terrible tasting. With more people demanding for quality, workers and everyone else have access to healthier, tastier food and drinks. 

inteliegent vending machines

In regards to machines dispensing non-edible products, they have also pushed their way to the top with more product choices and more convenient ways to pay. So, what exactly is new today?

What Makes Them Intelligent?

Great food and drinks at your fingertips and cashless system: these are just some of the features of newer and more intelligent vending machines that we have around us. Take a moment to pause and remember the vintage dispensers. Those machines were simply just dispensing items without giving you much choice. If you wanted coffee, it wouldn’t have given you the option to choose the size, right? With the newer models out in the market today, you can do just that.

The global market for these vending machines are getting more competitive as the mobile technology is being developed some of the machines are even powered by Android, a mobile operating system that’s quite popular with end users because of fully customizable software applications.

Most of these vending machines are also PC-based, which means it has the capacity to store important data. If you’re the type who’s always rummaging around for coins in order to drink your cup of coffee or eat your favorite chips, you’d be surprise with the innovative vending machines nowadays. Most of these accept credit and debit card payments as well as allowing you to redeem coupons. 

Vending Machines as a Business

For entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for lucrative business opportunities, vending machines are the perfect solution for the budding businessman. Because most of the modern dispensers are now capable of relaying information to the operator through the advancement of technologies, you will know real time when your goods are running out and need replacement. In that way, you’re not only on top of things, you’re also making more opportunities to expand your business.

Cashless payments will also make it easy to keep track of your investment without having to manually count your earnings for the day. Imagine having to delve into a multitude of coins. That wouldn’t be very convenient, would it? Well, thanks to the advancement of these machines, you can now go digital with these automated vending machines.

How Do They Work? 

Intelligent vending machines include touch screen interface and secure mobile payment options, as well as anti vandal and anti theft cameras. Most of the modern dispensers use M2M (machine to machine), a wireless technology that makes your vending business easy to operate. This means you don’t need Internet connection for your vending machine to send data to you. All you need is the mobile technology that stores and sends data over a global M2M network. When your vending machine, for example a soda dispensing one, needs to refill its cola products, it would send a notice to your computer through a software installed.

In terms of repair, it’s possible to get a warning from your machine remotely and you don’t even have to drive down to the location, which is very convenient for the businessman who has several machines across the city. You can simply fix the problem by accessing the software remotely.

With these innovations in technology, your business has plenty of growth and expansion opportunities. You can tell if your machine’s temperature needs to be adjusted, remotely fix a problem, and be aware of depleting stocks as well. The possibilities are endless with these amazaing advancement in intelligent vending machines.

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