Intolerance and side effects of statin

What is the incidence of problems related to the use of statins? Statins are highly prescription drugs and the incidence of statin-related problems is increasing considerably. It is estimated that after the age of 75, the incidence of side effects. And intolerances exceed 20-22% of the entire population. Here are the reason side effects of statin.

What are the most common symptoms?Intolerance and side effects of statin

The most common symptoms are muscle cramps, ischemic prevailing at night. It is above all, therefore, of calf cramps, cramps under the sole of the foot. But sometimes also at the level of the shoulder girdle and arms. It is one of the causes of side effects of statin.

Why do muscle cramps come?

Muscle cramps come because the mechanism of action of statins works on a common synthetic pathway between cholesterol. And Coenzyme Q10, an enzyme that serves to bring more oxygen to our muscles and our cells. When the common synthetic pathway is blocked. The production of coenzyme Q10 is also blocked and the oxygenation of the muscles is reduced.

Are there any other signs of intolerance?

Sometimes you can find signs of intolerance: in particular, recently. Some typical parietal alopecias have been reported, that is hair loss at the level of the parietal areas caused just by statin and sometimes also a sense of exhaustion or difficulty in breathing.


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