Is Acupuncture the Best Treatment for Infertility?

Women who are suffering from infertility problems could really be one saddening situation. This could especially be frustrating for a couple who wants to have children someday in the mere future. Although this problem has become common for women all throughout the United States, there are certain methods that women could try out to possibly help them treat their infertility problems. If you are one of those women facing infertility and want more information regarding this medical condition, well you have come to the right article.

Find out more about infertility and a certain natural treatment that women could try out to help their condition. Gaining more essential details about infertility could help all women who are experiencing it become more knowledge and possibly help them find natural ways to get them through it. Since acupuncture has become a popular method for natural treatment of infertility, learn more about how it works and why it could be beneficial in helping women who have infertility.

Let us begin this discussion with basic yet vital information about infertility so that you could get a summary of the condition. Let us now begin.

What is infertility?

This medical condition could be experienced by both men and women. It is characterized by the biological inability of a person to contribute to conception of a baby. It could also refer to the state wherein a women who is not able to carry a pregnancy to its full term. The following, according to medical doctors who specializes in the reproductive system, are the factors that consider a couple to be infertile:

  • A female is not able to carry a pregnancy to full term
  • The couple cannot conceive after a year of having sex without birth control methods when the women is under 34 years old
  • The couple cannot conceive after 6 months of having sex without birth control methods when the women is over 35 years old

How does acupuncture help women who are infertile?

Acupuncture has been very well known for helping treat infertility issues in women. Many experts believe that the technique of acupuncture could help treat quite a few infertility issues such as repeated pregnancy losses, spasmed tubes and many others. It is also known to treat thyroid problems that may cause infertility in some women. Depending on the health care professional, some may use only acupuncture for treatment while others may also use it in collaboration with other mainstream fertility methods such as when doctors ask their patients to buy menopur (a drug to help stimulate female hormones to help in treating infertility) and other conventional treatments.

This natural treatment could boost beta endorphins which are the happy hormones in everybody’s body. By increasing this hormone, the follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones are triggered which are vital for fertility in women. It could also help in decreasing stress in those women who are experiencing excessive amounts of stress in their lives.

Althoughacupuncture has high success rates in treating infertility, it might not be for all women. The best thing to do before trying acupuncture is to consult this with a health care professional who knows about treatments infertility. Get all the knowledge that needs to be known regarding this natural treatment for being infertile.

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