Is Sitting Too Much As Bad As Smoking?

While smoking is still bad for you, and can kill you, it’s not the only bad habit many Americans are doing too much of these days. Whether you’re sitting at home binge watching your favorite TV shows or you’re working an office job that has you sitting at a desk all day, your sitting habit could be just as bad as a smoking habit.

Don’t think you sit all that much? Think again. Take some time tomorrow and calculate how much time of the day you are sitting. Sitting as little as 8 hours a day can have ill effects on your health.

Why Sitting Is Bad For You

Obesity is a given when you think of someone that spends most of their time sitting. You can’t burn all the calories that you intake throughout the day if you are sitting, which means definite weight gain.

That’s not the only risk though. Along with extreme weight gain, you also risk a higher chance of developing diabetes, getting heart disease, and even raise your risk of cancer. Plus, sitting can also lead to many mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety.

You can also develop new or worsened bodily pains, from headaches to backaches. Even if you get up and stretch every once in a while it may not be enough to avoid pain, or any of the other issues.

How To Get More Physical Activity

You need to get up. You have to spend more time on your feet than on your butt, and that includes making up for the time you spend sleeping as well. This means more standing and more walking, which may actually be easier to fit into your daily life than you think.

Don’t Pick The Closest Parking Spot- parking farther away from your destination fits more walking into your day, which can increase your time not spent sitting. You can also get a little more exercise and stretching out by taking the stairs rather than the elevator, but even the elevator has you standing.

Look Into Stand Up Desks- standing at work can be far better for you than sitting. People that work in retail have far better health than those that sit at a desk in an office. If you have no choice but to sit, try taking a walk every twenty minutes when you can spare the time.

Stand And Stretch- even if you can’t take a walk it can help to stand and stretch every fifteen minutes or so. This can help you keep your circulation going and may even help keep you from getting drowsy at work.

Get On Your Feet And Walk- Walk whenever you can, or at least stand up for a while. Even if you like to watch TV you can stand for some of it, or get a treadmill and watch TV while you walk. You’ll start noticing the health benefits immediately and greatly cut down your risk of shortening your lifespan because of a sedentary lifestyle.

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