Kleptomania: what it is, symptoms, causes and treatment

Kleptomania is a serious disorder in which the kleptomaniac performs petty thefts in a compulsive manner. Find out what symptoms identify you and why it occurs. Many people tend to talk about kleptomania, although somehow or other it is a great unknown for most of them. Precisely for this reason, it is certainly frequent to hear jokes or stories related to this topic. But far from you can think, kleptomania is an extremely serious problem that, for those who suffer, little is funny.

This is because some of the most important psychoanalytic interpretations of this problem associate this disorder with the unconscious need to recover losses that go back to childhood.


What is kleptomania?

Explained in a simple way, especially for our readers to know what it is, we can indicate that it is a disorder that tends to identify with an unconscious way of recovering some losses that we suffered during childhood. Basically, it consists of a psychological disorder in which the person appropriates what is alien to him, especially in a repetitive way.

There is no pursuit of personal enrichment or the injury and injury of that person to whom the kleptomaniac steals. Simply, robbery becomes the purpose of the act, in itself.

It is at this point that kleptomania is classified as a disorder of the will, or as a lack of control of impulses, which is easy to link it with other more frequent evils, as is the case of bulimia or anorexia nervosa.

And is that more and more specialists who identify this type of behavior with an addiction, which is not to be carried out rationally, but once it is carried out, causes a momentary little pleasure that tends to “hook.”


What are its causes?

Despite many scientific studies that have pursued the goal of inquiring about what causes that influence a person becomes a kleptomaniac or not, made the truth is actually the causes of kleptomania are not entirely clear.

However, it is believed there is a hereditary factor, especially disorders associated with impulse control.

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How is a kleptomaniac

There are a number of distinctive characteristics that identify kleptomaniacs. Among the most outstanding, we find:

  • Carrying out thefts without prior planning.
  • Repeatedly steal objects that have no value or usefulness to the subject.
  • Feeling of pressure is increasing while stealing.
  • Feeling relief or relaxation after the theft.
  • Guilt or depression because the person is aware that their activity is criminal.

As we see, usually thefts are usually relatively small, in which as indicated we do not seek personal enrichment or harm to the individual who suffers such theft.

KleptomaniaTreatment of kleptomania

The treatment for a kleptomaniac and that the psychotherapist provides the patient, depends on the origin of said pathology and has caused its appearance (the main causes).

In any case, there are a series of therapies and medicines that can help the person to calm the anxiety that the subject can experience at that moment.


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