Maintain your blood pressure and live a happy life

Blood pressure is the pressure applied by the blood on the blood vessels. It is the speed with which the blood passes through the vessels. The blood pressure is visible to us through values or numbers. For a common person, those numbers are just the digits. But only a specialist can tell what the values actually mean.

blood pressureThe normal blood pressure of the person is referred to as 120 over 80. The 120 stands for the systolic pressure and the 80 value refer to the diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is that pressure which is applied when the heart pumps the blood and the diastolic pressure is the pressure when the heart is relaxed. Both these values have great importance in the blood pressure monitoring.

The high or low blood pressure of the body is very much dangerous to health. When the blood pressure lowers itself, then the blood is supplied accurately to every body part and thus some system does not get the proper supply and stop working. Similarly when the high blood pressure condition arises, the heart is doing more work than its ability and this puts more stress on the heart. The blood vessel also carries the more blood and a lot of expansion is done on their size. This may rupture the blood vessel and may cause the heart failure.

The blood pressure is referred as high if you have systolic pressure 140 and the diastolic pressure 90. This condition is very alarming for the body and the patient should directly consult the doctor.

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