Masks to remove blackheads and acne

If you suffer from acne or blackheads there are many homemade and natural masks that can be a great help in alleviating and improving symptoms. We discovered the best ones.

If you have blackheads or acne on your face, there are numerous face masks that you can prepare at home with 100% natural ingredients. In this way, you can eliminate the problem at the same time you can take care of your skin without using chemical components. But what are blackheads and why do they appear?

The black spots are also known by the names of milia and comedones. They basically consist of an obstruction of the pores of the skin. They appear due to the sebaceous production itself, which is the fatty substance that arises mainly on the face and nose. As a result of this obstruction, a dark colored corneal plug is formed, the color of which is generated by the accumulation of melanin.

However, acne is a disease that consists of the appearance of lesions on the skin due to inflammation.

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Best homemade anti-acne masks

Aloe vera and lemon

The aloe vera is one of the natural plants with beneficial properties for our skin, especially with regard to hydration and ability to healing it. This mask with aloe vera and lemon works wonderfully when it comes to removing acne and saying goodbye to scars.

To prepare the homemade mask, the first thing to do is peel the aloe vera and extract the gelatinous mass inside. Then mix the natural aloe vera gel with the lemon juice. Mix well both ingredients; you can do it by hand although to integrate better. But it is best to use a mixer. When you have it ready, apply it on the dry face and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove with warm water.

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Green clay

The green clay is a little less than miraculous to combat acne with 100% natural ingredients ingredient; In addition, it contributes a wide range of minerals very beneficial to take care of the skin. The green clay is used to extract the harmful substances that cause acne and reduce its inflammation.

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To prepare the mask, mix the green clay powder with warm water. Put water in a glass bowl and slowly add the clay to the time you mix, until you get a spreadable texture that will not drip. Apply on the face giving gentle circular massages and let it act between 15 and 20 minutes. Remove with plenty of warm water.

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Pineapple and honey

One of the great homemade masks that work wonderfully to say goodbye to blackheads once and for all. The pineapple is a fruit that keeps the skin free of fat and blackheads. For its part, honey is an ingredient that contributes a soft and velvety texture to the skin.

To make this mask you need ½ cup of pineapple juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix both ingredients in a glass bowl until well blended. Apply the mask on clean skin and let it act for 15 minutes. After the time, remove with warm water.

Egg and lemon

The egg whites work marvelously to remove blackheads as deep clean the skin and remove impurities that cause these points. This mask should only be applied at night as it is not recommended to be exposed to the sun after its application.

To prepare it you need two eggs and a teaspoon of lemon juice. The first thing is to separate the whites from the eggs and beat them very well until obtaining a good texture. Then add the lemon juice. When you have clean skin, apply it and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, remove with warm water.

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Oatmeal and honey

The combination of both ingredients is fantastic to remove dead skin cells and provide a soft and velvety texture. Unlike the previous two, this only applies in areas affected by blackheads.

To prepare the mask you need the following ingredients: a spoonful of ground oats, half a tablespoon of honey and an egg white. In a glass bowl, mix all ingredients well until a smooth paste is obtained. Apply it over the areas where you have black spots and let it act for five minutes. Remove with warm water.


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