Medical Mobility In The Home

Whether you are elderly, disabled or a patient going through rehabilitation, the advances in medical mobility devices means more people with mobility needs can remain at home. With all the items on the market, it is important to know the basics of medical mobility and the products available to help.

As more people with varied mobility needs remain at home, the mobility medical market has seen a drastic increase in customer demands. An increase in technology improvements has also created better and more advanced equipment. In the past, the market consisted primarily of elderly consumers, but as rehabilitation times shorten and more disabled live at home, the market has expanded. There is also a huge demand for those that don’t fit the criteria of disabled, but still need mobility assistance.

The type of mobility equipment required varies with each patient’s needs. One of the main goals of these devices is to assist a patient in living a better life by increasing their mobility. The most common of these devices include canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. However, other devices are also in demand. A lift chair assists an individual in getting up from a recliner. Gone are the struggles with trying to get up without assistance. Scooters have also become a common mobility item for total one-floor-home or public access. For those with mobility issues who live in a two story, stair lifts are a must.

It is nice to know that renting mobility medical equipment sometimes proves less expensive than buying. The more expensive the item, the greater savings you can achieve from renting. In addition, many consumers know in advance if their needs will be short term. Why buy a device that will only be needed for a limited amount of time? Patients often discover that renting provides savings for other mobility medical needs as well.

Some of the top rental products in the industry from high-end retailers like Vital Mobility (head over to include electric hospital beds, wheelchair rentals, scooter and crutch rentals and electric scooters. Electric hospital beds provide independence for patients who are bedridden, allowing them to adjust their own bed with ease and offering greater comfort. Wheelchair rentals are probably one of the most popular rentals, allowing patients to experience mobility just about anywhere they need to go. Scooters and crutch rentals offer affordability and independence for those who are mobile, but still need some assistance. With the advance of the electric scooters, many in need of assistance find that the scooter offers them the chance to participate in everyday activities.

It is great to know that medical mobility products are easy to rent, affordable and aid in the quality of life for a person needing them. Whether it’s a lift chair or power wheelchair, there are many reputable, well-known companies that can assist you with your medical mobility needs. Help is only a phone call away!



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