Movement science for all of life

The science:

The science of movement has been the most exciting part of human research right from ancient times to even today. It encompasses all that is achieved by humans through the first man to today. Movement is what makes us to achieve as humans. Whether it is to make the work horses do the irrigation, the invention of the wheel, the ship, and even in the early nineteen hundreds when they were studying human movements to achieve productivity in the industry and manufacturing units; all have been based on human curiosity about movement. It has not stopped even today. Movement is required to keep ourselves healthy and productive both mentally and physically. Less or no movement in any part of the human body means that some disaster is to happen!


Pilates is a movement science and study which helps to maintain good health, a well toned and symmetrical body, which helps in achieving chosen human objectives. Now, it is a part of the health care movement and pilates are taught as exercises just like aerobics or yoga to shed body weight, and have good health and ward of obesity and diabetes. Here we are talking about aulas de pilates which has set out to teach human body movements especially to teachers to contribute to the well being of fellow humans.

The mission:

The pilates education helps individuals to create a positive thought process and a physical process which complement each other to you betterment. The certificate course offered helps in finding jobs in physical rehabilitation in hospitals, in physiotherapy, in gyms and also in schools and colleges to work as instructors, in dance schools, pilates studios. This is research based pilates which is a step ahead of just the physical movement but intelligent movement.

They strive to achieve a means of enriching lives, have a positive attitude towards life, and fostering the overall and well rounded development of mind, body and soul of the individual. The training programme has been around for more than a decade now and is spread all over Europe and Asian countries.

The spread:

The pilates instructions are available in European countries such as Spain, Portugal, united kingdom, new Zealand, United States, brazil, Italy, Russia, Germany, Australia etc. It is in Asian countries as well.

The courses:

They offer both introductory courses and also continuing education if you already have a diploma in pilates. This is a 30 day course. These are accredited courses there are programmed in such a manner that it is easily organized by the student. They have a special pilates course by Philipa Mayer. There is the professional level course as well and one can organize the course according to the requirement. They are approved by the Portugese government.


The pilates instructors work as a team and impart training to aspiring teachers of the science, they can be followed on twitter, they offer to send a newsletter if you give them your e mail and become a member of the team. They have given the exact location of the pilates instructors whom you can find easily on the map, the address too is displayed, they have displayed the testimonials and good comments given by students and others and all are very positive about the success of the program.

They offer job opportunities and have a blog on which the latest can be seen. It is easy to contact aulas de pilates as they are available on social networks such as face book, twitter, you tube and rss.  The contact details are given and how to locate an instructor in a given country is also notifies in the website.

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