Natural Treatment for High Pressure

To facilitate the circulation of blood through the artery, these are elastic and allow pumping of fresh blood into tissues and organs. When for various reasons arteries become stiff, it will be harder to make blood flow smoothly and the heart will have to make more effort to irrigate with blood to all body parts. The figures are considered altered or hypertension exists, when are greater than 140/90 in adults and 160/90 in the elderly. Arteries are part of the circulatory system and bring fresh blood from the heart throughout the body and eventually harden for several reasons, among others account: High PressureWrong Food 
Within the arteries it builds up a layer of waste or waste called “plates” by excessive consumption of meat, fat, salt, food adulterated with chemicals or bad cholesterol. And this situation is compounded further because little fruit, vegetables and natural water is consumed.

Sedentary Lifestyle 
Our body was designed to move and stay active. Those who do little exercise, walk, exercise or work around with your body; they develop high pressure for the same reason. The many hours remain seated, standing or lying is a sedentary lifestyle. Daily exercise, walking, swimming or gymnastics is important to decrease the pressure.

Current life with his haste and the constant concern for everyday situations causes the body to release adrenaline and this hormone causes increased heart rate and respirations. To support this increase in heart rate, the muscles surrounding the arteries must be compressed to increase the pressure and cause blood to pump faster.

Excessive Weight 
They say you should weigh in kilos, exactly what exceeds inches on the subway. For example, a person who is 1.70 meters. Must weigh 70 kilos. When a body of 1.70 meters. Weighs 80 to 90 kilos, you should make a greater effort to irrigate more body volume to be and to do this, you increase the pressure that pumps blood. By losing weight, blood pressure usually returns to normal.

Harmful Products 
Excessive drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, smoking or taking snuff and drugs alters both the nervous system and the circulatory and therefore the pressure is altered.

We must consider that the older, blood pressure may be higher. Normal blood pressure of a young person can be 100/60 and for an elderly person may be normal 150/80, without this meaning that has high blood pressure.

Symptoms of High Pressure 
Most frequent high pressure, symptoms include headache, dizziness, and visual disturbances, ringing in the ears or nose bleed.

When there is a situation of sustained high blood pressure, the heart keeps working hard until the wall of the ventricle sends blood to the entire body thickens and begins to report bugs in their contractions, reason or heart palpitations occur arrhythmias, chest pain and heart attacks.

Delicate arterial structures of the brain that receive blood with increased pressure, may undergo abnormal dilations and aneurysms form (fragile bags) that can rupture and cause bleeding or spillage. Can also form small clots that at one point blocked the blood flow to certain areas of the brain, commonly call stroke with serious consequences.

Sustained blood pressure also affects the circulation of blood to the eyes, and other organs such as the kidneys with negative consequences.

Natural Treatment for High Pressure 

To normalize blood pressure, nutritional treatment is to consume plenty of vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, beets, carrots, avocado, garlic, onions, radishes either raw or steamed seasoned with olive oil and garlic is recommended oil and seasoned with aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano, basil, mint, etc..

Nutritional Treatment 
In general, food should be as natural as possible based on vegetables, fruits, bread, potatoes, oatmeal, cottage cheese, skim milk, brown rice and little salt and no additives. Of meat, the best is the fresh fish and leave aside the red and fatty meats, cold cuts and canned products that contain too much salt.

Of products is emphasized to avoid are the salt, eggs, meat, cold meats, fatty cheeses, nuts and peanuts with salt, smoked meats, liver, kidneys, brains, hams, seafood, soft drinks, butter, cream milk, white bread, soda, in cube or powder packet soups or cup.

It also recommends avoiding stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, coke, snuff, tea, etc.. And drinking enough natural water along with the peaceful exercise will greatly help to oxygenate the body and cells can release accumulated in the tissues of the body through the intestines, lungs, kidneys and skin toxins.

Harmony and Inner Peace 
The stillness and inner peace are fundamental part of the body’s health. So be worked on that line using the preferred techniques of each person. Yoga, breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, prayer, etc.. The mind is a powerful tool that if not control, betrays us and surrounds us concerns in life and leaving us sleepless.

Overweight and Obesity 
Losing weight is essential to reduce the pressure, and this is achieved by taking a careful diet in order to be healthy, avoiding everything that we mentioned as undesirable products and doing daily exercise, it is best that the daily walk of at least 40 minutes.

Treatment Plants 

Hawthorn works by regulating blood pressure without side effects. It is also used to improve circulation in general, tachycardia, low blood pressure, angina and cardiac arrhythmias. It can be taken in capsule, tincture, or infusion. Three tablespoons boiling infusion of the plant is prepared in three glasses of water. Strain and take a glass before each meal.

Raw garlic is a surefire way to help lower blood pressure remedy. Fasting takes a clove of garlic either whole or in pieces. The curative dose is a clove of garlic a day; you can comment with a fourth tooth and do more to take two or more teeth without any problem.

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