Nicotine Effects in Tobacco

There are different drugs that are offered all over the world and it may be addictive or can give good effective healing to your body depending on the usage of a certain drug. You will be able to get different side effects of any drugs that you will use. Some places or country don’t let people use drugs and may be called as illegal or against the law. If you want to be knowledgeable in drugs and in the side effects that if could bring to our body or health then, you should probably need to do a research of a certain drug that you want to know.  There are different kinds of drugs that you can choose from to do healing or just want to get drunk and get addicted, depending on the reason and dosage of a certain drug such as tobacco, heroin, crystal, marijuana and etc.

In certain drug you will have different addictions or effects on it such as tobacco when you get the nicotine by smoking it you will get addicted by the effects that it may give you. It can give different side effects to a person or user that can make them feel addicted. It is a legal drug that you buy anywhere, it is said that nicotine can get a person killed as fast as it can but in tobacco user get few amount of nicotine in smoking, that is why it is still legal to different countries. There are areas or places that you need to follow some rules such as smoking area and non-smoking areas. If you don’t want to get addicted then say zu Drogen it can help you get a better way of living without any side effects that a certain drug can bring. If you don’t take your health seriously it may lead to different health problems such as: 

Lung cancer

As time goes by you will get lung cancer at the end of your days, it is because the nicotine that you will get in tobacco will get into your lungs and it will be permanent in your lungs.

Smoker’s Leg

You will get blood circulation problems that may lead to smoker’s leg where you can see it through your skin as the result or effect of your smoking habits.

Risk to heart attack

The problems in circulation of the blood will be your next bet to smoking habits and may lead to any heart problems especially to heart attack.

You will get different kinds of illness and disease as you use or get addicted with nicotine or tobacco, if you want to live in a healthy life you need to stop or say word of highs com. It is the best thing that you can do to avoid any implications that health problems that may come to your life. If you want to live longer then you need to prevent the tendency of addiction by avoiding the drugs and to keep a healthy life style. And with a healthy lifestyle, you will live a longer healthier life. Which is good for you and all that love you.

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