Nutrisystem Guide For Newbies: 5 Things You Definitely Need To Know!

In last 3 weeks, after joining, I have lost around 12 pounds and in these three weeks I have learned a lot about how Nutrisystem works and some things that weren’t explained to me earlier. So, I thought I will share all the 5 things you most certainly need to know, if you’re going to start Nutrisystem.

#1: Read The Meal Planner: When you get the food, you also get the meal planner along with it and which one you get depends on what plan you’re on.

The meal planner contains pages to write down what you eat for the day and it shows what you have to eat with each meal. For instance, in breakfast, you write the nutrisystem food you ate, and protein or dairy/ fruit you ate along with it.

Nutrisystem Guide For Newbies

The meal planner also contains a grocery guide which includes what types of foods you can eat for said categories like protein or dairy or fruit or vegetables with examples and serving sizes.

And last thing, The Dining out Guide, because sometimes you will not be able to eat the Nutrisystem foods, let’s say you might have to go out for dinner, so this guide helps you to choose foods that are diet-friendly.

So, read your book before you start!

#2: Track What You Eat: Like I said before, the meal planner comes with tracking system, so track everything you intake like snacks, foods, juice even how many glass of water and also, how many pounds you weighed that day, how many minutes you exercised that day, etc.

You can also track them by creating profile on Nutrisystem or you could also download the Nutrisystem app which is available for Ipad, Iphone and Android to do it on the go.

#3: Drink Water: Nutrisystem suggests that you drink 8 eight ounces of water everyday. That’s 64 ounces of water (which I thought was a lot!). But, when I signed up for the program, they gave a Nutrisystem bottle to keep all the time. It said “1 bottle = 32 ounces, drink 2 everyday.” Which I did, by the way.

Drinking water helps to flush out sodium and gets rid of water weight. If you’re one of those people who really needs to see a big loss in the beginning to like get motivated to lose later on. I’d suggest to follow this rule to see a big change in short time.

#4: Visit The Forums: As I said earlier, anyone can sign up for Nutrisystem forums, you don’t have to buy Nutrisystem program. It’s free and awesome if you’re thinking about buying Nutrisystem and I’d suggest you should sign up first because there are many knowledgeable people, and if you have any doubts regarding this, then you can ask both, the members and the dietary services of Nutrisystem which are always available.

You can also use nutrisystem coupons promotional codes online to get a discount on the Nutrisystem weight loss program.

There is also a lot of information about the foods that are diet-friendly and healthy, etc, etc. just type “Free Foods” in the search box at top right corner and you will get tons of information on it.

It also has support group which is good because if you feeling down or something, they help you to cheer up and keep moving.

#5: Don’t Cheat! You’re spending about $280 a month, that’s basically $10 a day and you also have to put money for groceries too (other than these 280$) which is awfully lot of money to put half effort into it.

I’ve seen some people who complaint a lot about Nutrisystem, but the truth is they were cheating on the food and not drinking enough water they were being instructed to drink. Well, you’ll definitely not gonna lose the weight this way.

My point is, don’t cheat on food because it’s a waste of lot of money. Go 100% and follow each and every instruction given by them if you want to lose weight.

Conclusion: These are the things, all Nutrisystem Newbies should know about, in fact all Nutrisystem users. Once again, don’t cheat on foods because it will be a waste of money only and you’ll feel more miserable after failing.

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