Pedaling helps to improve eyesight

Claudia Long of the University of Pisa and Alexander Halls Institute of Neurosciences of the CNR in Pisa are the two researchers have shown that physical activity can help improve the plasticity of the brain and visual defects in adulthood.

The brain plasticity is the brain’s ability to change its structure and functionality of neurons on the basis of received stimuli from the external environment. On this basis, the two Italian scientists have carried out two tests to verify if and how physical activity influences the way of working of the brain of an adult: it is a very obvious peculiarities in childhood and that decreases or becomes difficult in adulthood.

man who pedal stationary bikes, cycletteThe objective of the two scholars was to verify the degree of brain plasticity in adult people and highlight, in particular, as to be able to change the visual cortex. The Long and Dr. Dr.. Rooms have asked 20 adult volunteers to keep an eye patch both as they watched a movie comfortably seated on the couch, either by intervals of 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

The result of the test shows that during even mild physical activity such as exercise bike for 10 minutes stimulates the eye patch to offset the incoming stimuli through the Grim eye Active : is the phenomenon of binocular rivalry.

When the eyes look different things the brain gets confused and tries to mediate between stimuli received from two different sources. In tests, the researchers have exploited this phenomenon to check the ‘ physical activity influence on the visual behavior . They found that sports, especially cycling, good for the whole body and also to the sight.

It is a discovery that, if confirmed by further and more detailed studies, it could find a field of clinical application in the treatment amblyopia in adults , better known as lazy eye. The complete visual system its development during childhood, for this it is necessary to intervene in a short time about any defects of vision such as, for example, amblyopia which if not treated in the early years of the child remains unchanged with the risk of causing other visual disturbances even more important. To know more click here.


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