Photography of a headache: The aura is visible on MRI

Researchers at the Clinical Hospital of the Second University of Naples were able to photograph the headaches and distinguish migraine with aura migraines without aura. A result as surprising as to have earned the cover Cephalalgia, the international scientific journal specializing in migraine disease.

photography-of-a-headache-the-aura-is-visible-on-mriWhere did the migraine aura? The cause is due to hyperactivity of the neurons that before the actual migraine attack, is manifested by a dark halo expanding or with sparkles of light. The hyperactivity of neurons leaves no trace of its passage through a sort of this imprint in people who suffer from this disorder. Thanks all orma aura, the Neapolitans researchers showed two hallmarks of the disease:

  1. Migraine with aura and migraine without aura involving the visual cortex;
  2. The hyperactivity of neurons is stored in the brains of patients.

What are the results of research? Alessandro Tessitore, coordinator of the Neapolitan University research team, says that the ability to detect the imprint left by the aura of migraine is a benefit to all patients affected by this disorder. Thanks to magnetic resonance imaging, in fact, you can quickly recognize migraine with or without aura, migraine without aura over that, and define the most suitable therapy to the person. So far, migraine sufferers turned to various medical specialists to find a cause and a cure for their discomfort, at great expense of time and money.

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