Physical Activity and Health

Physical activity and health are related, practicing a sport suited to our features help you keep in shape our health.

Definitely our corporeal being is marked by our social being, immersed in a culture like never before global rate portal tends to the suitability of our bodily habits and practices. This suitability is not only the “right or desirable” hygienic behavior, food, gestural and postural (among others), but the resources, methods and procedures to achieve them.

HealthOur choices to the extent that they can become one of the “care” to lavish the body are largely rooted in a sense of duty: you must be healthy, agile and fit. In many cases, rather than an acquired right and deserved pleasure, is shaped by the culture of healthy body in a company that consolidates guidelines increasingly sedentary working life term.

“Being fit” has become a motto over the health industries, not strange to observe the proliferation of new and magical proposals gymnastic routines available in magazines and appliance centers called Gyms. To those who might say that Physical Education is an exclusive practice of the school year we want to remind you that it is a discipline concerned that physical activity is related mainly to health and not to the laws of market.

Physical activity will only result in a better quality of life if it is done within a framework of real health care of the person. Just as in education there is a large development of this task, it seems we have to wait a while longer to extend to community policies that promote various programs for health activities in the social field, such that physical education no adult person remains left to the not always so healthy market laws.

Awareness of this difference could be a first step.

Physical activity and health benefits
The usual question: What year?
Respond with words of Dr. Don Antonio Casimiro Andujar (University of Almería): the importance is not in the physical activity but in how it is performed. This phrase reflects something as simple as crucial: how to take into account the needs and possibilities of each person.

To begin to understand the benefits of physical activity point out their impact at different levels, osteo-articular, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and psychosocial.

  • Bone and articular Level: improvements occur in bone composition, mainly by increasing vascularization and mineral retention. Structurally, increases bone mass and the constituent elements of the joint (cartilage, ligaments, etc..) Are strengthened.
  • Muscular level: increases the amount of protein in muscle, structurally strengthening the muscle fibers and tendons. Functionally, there is greater strength and endurance, increase energy and improve activity, greater elasticity and improved motor coordination (nervous system).
  • Cardiovascular Level: structurally, the walls of the heart is strengthened and increased muscle mass. Regarding the components, there is an increase of red blood cells, hemoglobin that carries oxygen, mitochondria, myoglobin and defensive elements (leukocytes and lymphocytes).

Decreases heart rate with which the heart is less tiring to perform an activity. At rest, preventing the accumulation of negative substances (fats) in the walls of the arteries and increases elasticity, improves circulation.

  • Respiratory Level: increased strength, endurance and flexibility in the muscles and organs involved in breathing, expands the volume of breathing by decreasing the number of breaths per minute, etc.. and, in general, improve the respiratory function.
  • Metabolic rate: Physical activity increases the HDL (good fat) and lowers LDL (bad fat), properly maintain glucose levels and improves the detoxifying activity.
  • Psychosocial level: who are accustomed to perform AF usually have a greater overall welfare, with himself and with others. It helps release tension and provide different type of joy, fun and self-confidence.

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