Physical activity

If we want to keep our body and our health in good shape is best practice physical activity, always guided by a professional.

For anyone who is serious about their health, proper physical activity is an ideal place to improve your quality of life means. Knowing the benefits can be healthy, as if only fulfill a mandate will be difficult, and perhaps the secret may be the pleasure is in doing so. Of course, for that, we must try. Here are some tips for physical activity.

HealthThe components of health fitness are: cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and psycho motor skills.

It is a daily work of joint range of motion through stretching well done. Before stretching is advisable to make some joint mobility to warm the muscle. Stretches pain, when it appears that the practice of physical activity is or will be made with lesser degrees of extension.

Following Anderson, B. (1996), stretching must occur for the following reasons:

  • Reduce muscle tension and relax the body.
  • Improve coordination of movements that are more free and easy.
  • Increase the possibility of movement.
  • Prevent damage such as muscle tension.
  • Facilitate the activities we undertake.
  • Improve body awareness.
  • Unlocking the body control the mind, so that moves for its own sake rather than for competition or vanity.
  • Improve and streamline the competition.
  • Felt nice.

Cardio respiratory endurance
Four or five times a week aerobic fitness activities performed moderately considering the possibilities of each. What follows are some examples that we consider most suitable for maintaining good health.

  • Walking daily (avoid automobile, motorcycle, etc..)
  • Swimming at a moderate pace.
  • Trotting race at a moderate pace.
  • Cycling.
  • Skating (be careful not to fall, protections)
  • Gymnastics.
  • Muscular strength and endurance

Two or three times a week strength work without using heavy loads and performing the exercises correctly. We must always work to combine strength with flexibility. The ideal practice for working hard physical activity is gymnastics with different materials, own weight, with co / as, etc.. Is an activity of general conditioning to tone and strengthen the muscles.

  • Games push, wrestling, pushing, throwing, jumping, etc..
  • Activities with medicine balls.
  • Weights circuits (one exercise per muscle, one to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions and low weight) moderately without overexertion.
  • Sit-ups, push-ups (with weight own activities)
  • Gymnastics.

Psycho motor skills
It is part of the development of physical fitness: work balance, coordination, perception. These capabilities are present in any physical activity you perform and therefore are under development. It can be carried out by sports games, recreational sports, sport in nature, motor games, etc..

Before any physical activity practice
It is essential to get a medical examination to find out what kind of physical activity that should not be performed. It is also convenient continuous assessment, i.e, heart rate control, weight control, discomfort various kinds, etc..

Always warm up before any activity to prepare the body generally, starting with a warm-joint mobility, stretching and general low activity to be progressing slowly. Remember that “good is not physical activity but how to carry it out.”

Allows free from tensions, enter a deep state of calm and tranquility. It also allows you to connect with oneself, with one’s own feelings, the functioning of the respiratory pattern.

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