Pierdele fear of intense training

When we talk about training intensely frightened many people feel, think and train is a shock to their bodies and they are threatening. But the truth is that if you exercise regularly and the next logical step is to train more intensely.

I think about it …

Your body no longer give you the results you came getting. You do not understand, you eat well, you sleep well, you go to the gym religiously, even shots supplements. How can that be?

FitnessThe answer is simple: you have to exercising more intensely.

Intervals in all its variants, cross fit, insanity, mixed martial arts training. All are fantastic and intense programs have one thing in common, you get results.

That said and as we are in favor of strong exercise routines today we give you a set of keys to enter into the world of intense training in the best way.

One. Before applying you must apply current technical

The intensity can be defined as the application of maximum exertion systematically applied to a developed skill.This means that before training intensely you train properly.

For example, you can not do squat with the maximum weight you can lift without having developed the proper technique for doing squats. If you did you antimacassar safe. When developing any exercise either do sprints on a track, weight training or cross fit combined exercises is essential to first know them properly before imparting intensity.

Intense is not unsafe, avoid getting injured.

Two. Become a Friend of discomfort

Before giving the best you can give in the first training must master the discomfort associated with intense physical activity. In other words you have to spread intolerance to pain caused by muscles when they give more and take it to new limits of tolerance.

But as in the previous point, push your limits no means neglected or give up at any cost. It means the opposite. That you train the most, as happens for example with the technique of muscle failure with dumbbells, what you do is give all of you without causing any muscle injury.

There is a discomfort when the muscle fatigue that is very different to the pain of an injured muscle.Know your limitations and learn to read the signals of your body.

Three. Exceeds the discomfort

Since you have good technique and you’ve made friends with the intense discomfort of what follows is to develop a higher tolerance to the “pain”. This is done slowly and gradually. Over training sessions the same time, or speed, or endurance or muscle fatigue you experience in the exercises you will feel less intense.

For a beginner who goes jogging every day, do intervals can be torture. But if you start them anyway (always your own pace) over time that torture will feel smaller. After four or five sessions your body will get used to it and be able to increase the intensity. It’s the same with weights or any exercise you do.

And to overcome this threshold also avoid your body will adapt and pond so the results should still appear normally.

Four. Go and make ready train

You mean wait to experience that little pain. This prepares you for the intensity of a session. Eventually even you will be able to love him. It is customary to avoid pain, it’s in our nature. But if you sentimentalize to improve yourself and understand that pain is part of the training and the need for great changes in your body, then go to the gym and mentally make ready your routine will face in the best way.

Your body is much, much more capable than your mind thinks. Allow yourself to experience it and find out first hand.

Five. Conquer your body

Congratulations, if you’ve gone through this process you are on your way to another body. Learning to train with intensity and push your limits is exactly what will keep progressing every month regardless of routine or target you’re chasing. The intensity is necessary and you can get your physique goals. But you know what is best? These steps you just read also allow you to progress in your life. No reason not to apply these principles to life itself and be each day a little better than the last.

Do not be afraid to intense training, by contrast embrace it and actively pursue it. The results will come, that’s for sure.

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