Prenatal Yoga For Blissful Pregnancy

Motherhood is a very precious gift or in fact a blessing given by the almighty to a woman.  The 9 month times pan of pregnancy brings on many changes in her life – she tries to juggle with new feelings and new emotions. If you are pregnant, yoga can make your journey to motherhood smoother, happier and more enjoyable!

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga (Schwangerschaftsyoga) helps the first-time mothers-to-be to cope up with the changes they witness during their nine month pregnancy period.

“Yoga turns out a great blessing for me. It helped me a lot in the last trimester. I could cope up with the internal and physical changes smoothly and gracefully. Yoga also helped me feel relaxed and kept me calm, far away from anxiety during pregnancy.  I am thankful to a prenatal yoga Zurich teacher who taught me prenatal yoga”, says a yoga enthusiast and a mother

In this post, I have covered some great tips on how you can embrace prenatal yoga along with your other ‘must-do’ things during pregnancy. But it is strongly recommended that you practice yoga under a certified yoga teacher, that too after consulting your doctor.

Various yoga poses make delivery smoother

Start with standing yoga poses in the first trimester, as it helps in improving the strength of leg muscles, improves blood circulations, boost energy and helps reduce chronicle pain. Avoid practices poses that create pressure on the abdomen. Instead, you can focus on the shoulders and upper back. Also, don’t practice too difficult yoga poses such as inversions in the advance phase of pregnancy.

Feel Relaxed by learning breathing techniques

Once you enter into the second trimester, it’s high time you stay relaxed and calm. Learn breathing techniques from your yoga instructor, it will relax your mind completely. While doing breathing exercise, you can also listen to ancient Sanskrit chants or pronounce ‘OM’. It has majestic effects on mind, body and soul.

Stay cool, stay happy

If not for you, it’s essential for the wellness for the baby inside you too. And practicing yoga and doing meditation will keep you joyful and comfortable all the time. You may watch good entertainment shows, call friends and relatives in your home or visit them at their place, and listen to slow music.

Good diet, healthy sleep and regular exercise are the key

Yes, these 3 things have a lot of importance during pregnancy. So, make sure you take healthy food on timely manner. If needed, you can also take help of your dietician or a doctor to decide your diet. Typically, it is recommended to have green vegetables, salads, fruits, and more amount of water every day.  Have milk and yoghurt to keep the level of calcium up in your body.

Also make sure you have sound, good night’s sleep for enough hours. And do spare some time to exercise regularly. You may practice yoga in a prenatal yoga studio nearby your home for an hour or two every day. But don’t overdo anything. Do only as much as you can!

Enjoy your motherhood right from where it started!


Author Bio: Jennifer is an acclaimed copywriter. She has published many posts about Schwangerschaftsyoga (Pregnancy Yoga) and postnatal yoga benefits.

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