Pumice a volcanic beauty

Pumice is a porous volcanic rock, known for its many uses, especially to remove calluses and corns of feet elbows.

What is Pumice?
Pumice also known as pumice, or pumice liparita is a volcanic rock of low density and high porosity, grayish white. When it comes pumice used in industry, is also called pozzolan.

BeautyApplications of Pumice
Pumice is a gift of nature with multiple beneficial applications for everyday life, and also used in industry.

  • At home is a great knife sharpener and also employs pumice powder mixed with soap and degrease to remove oxides.
  • In industry, it is used as abrasive erasers, faded jeans and production as cleaner.
  • In residential construction, is used to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • And above all, pumice is known for its effects on grooming and skincare. Its effect is a mild peeling, which is widely used to remove dead cells and especially the hardness of the feet.

Features of composition
The pumice or pumice is a very porous igneous rock. It is actually the result of the solidification of lava foam when rapid cooling occurs after an eruption in volcanic areas.

This volcanic igneous composition brings unique features such as the presence of a multitude of pores and closed with high porosity to absorb and retain water, and make it very light so that it can float on water due to air trapped in the cavities cells.

Pumice is very resistant to cold and heat. The shapes that occur in nature are varied stones marked predominance angles. Although an average hardness of the abrasive effect on the skin surface is very smooth.

Cosmetic Utilities

  • In the manufacture of abrasive products and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Pumice has a gentle peeling action and is used in cosmetic and scrub to remove dead skin cells, and help achieve a smooth and soft skin.
  • It relaxes and soothes the body surface. The porous texture of pumice makes cleaning the most delicate body surfaces, including the soles of the feet to infinity is lined with nerve endings and that with proper podiatry produce a stimulating massage relax.
  • To remove calluses and corns plant feet, hands and elbows. Do not use the rest of the body because it can be irritating and not more than once a week. You can start by dipping in a bath of warm water with salt, it relieves swelling and pain. With moistened pumice, always make circular movements gently. Finally, apply a special moisturizing foot cream, and the result is excellent.

Natural Tips for Foot Care
Pay careful attention to your feet regularly. According to Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine), the feet are connected by energy channels with all organs of the body, including the brain.

Reflexology is based on this knowledge. Thus, as stated by Dr. Raichur in his book *, “When your feet are tired, so are the mind and body. Moreover, a beautiful and healthy feet are the foundation of physical elegance and strength.”

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