Popular gifts you cannot send by courier

You may have chosen the perfect gift, but there are some items that you cannot send via courier. Several gifts pose difficulties due to legal restrictions, delicacy, or their overall nature.

Here are some items that you cannot send via courier.

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Perfume and Aerosols

Aftershave, perfume, and aerosols are common gifts, but their flammability poses safety risks. UK delivery services, such as a same day courier Liverpool, prohibit sending perfume in order to keep the post carrier and the parcel safe.


Cash is another popular gift choice, but posting cash increases the chances of loss and theft. It’s best to send money electronically or choose gift cards for better security.

Party Poppers

Party poppers liven up parties, graduations, and weddings. However, their fiery nature means that you cannot send them via courier.

They may not seem dangerous, but the UK Post Office classes party poppers as explosives. The confetti is messy, and the risk of loud noise and explosion poses safety hazards during transport.


Surprising loved ones with food baskets may be thoughtful, but it’s hard to guarantee freshness when sending food through standard courier services.

Perishable items are best sent through local services or personalised hand-delivery. You can also use same day courier services from providers such as https://allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier/liverpool/ to deliver gifts promptly.

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Some cosmetics, like hair dye, come with restrictions. They may contain ingredients that come with transportation risks or have particular rules regarding shipping. If you’re sending cosmetics, always check with your courier and follow their regulations.

Courier services are convenient, but some everyday items aren’t suitable for regular delivery. You may be able to use special options, like same day couriers and local delivery services to send gifts that don’t meet general shipping regulations.

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