Things not to do with your sex toys

Sex toys are not something we often openly discuss and that means there can be a few misconceptions and lack of education surrounding their use. So, just to set the record straight, here are some things you should never be tempted to do with your sex toys:

  1. They are not a form of contraception

Would you believe that 30% of people in a sex toy survey carried out by Ann Summers thought that lubricants on their sex toys acted as contraception and protection from STI? They don’t. Surprisingly, 45% also believed you couldn’t catch an STI by sharing a sex toy with an infected person. You can. Find out about the ways you can contract a sexually transmitted infection and if in doubt, get yourself tested with Home STI kits London. Available from Bexley Sexual Health, Home STI kits London are a great option for getting tested in the privacy of your own home.

  1. They are not dishwasher safe

Yes, people do put their sex toys in the dishwasher! No, they shouldn’t be cleaned in the dishwasher folks! Even if they could, it’s not the most hygienic way to wash your cutlery, plates and glasses now is it?

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  1. Please don’t polish it

Frighteningly, 20% of people in the survey admitted to regularly polishing their toy with furniture polish!! This is just not safe people. Furniture polish is most definitely not for internal use!

If you want to buff it up nicely, it’s recommended that you use antibacterial wipes. Anything else, like liquids, chemicals or oil can damage sex toys.

  1. Don’t stop the fun

Around a third of people believe that using a sex toy during ‘that time of the month’ is unsafe. However, it’s perfectly fine. If you want to, then go ahead. Just make sure you clean it properly both before and after.

  1. Remove the batteries

Whilst it’s handy to be ready to go whenever the mood hits, you should remove the batteries between uses. Not only will the batteries last longer, it also avoids any potential embarrassment if the toy turns on when it’s in your drawer, bag, suitcase or glove box!

  1. Don’t be tempted to use a vegetable

Almost half of those surveyed admitted to getting creative if their sex toy was unable. These alternative methods included using a vegetable, a kitchen utensil, a home appliance or even a candle! It’s not a good idea. If it’s not designed to be inserted, then best you don’t insert it!

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  1. Don’t just bin it

You might not think that a sex toy could be recycled but they can. So, do your bit for the planet and return your unwanted (clean) sex toys to any Ann Summers store and they will recycle it on your behalf. The products go to recycling centres where they are broken down so reusable and recyclable parts can be recovered.





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