Top tips for a family-friendly kitchen

Everyone wants a beautiful kitchen. But if you’ve got a young family, you’ll need to think carefully about some of the elements you include, to make it as family-friendly as possible. Here are some tips for getting it right:

1. Think about safety

If you’ve got active children, then it’s well worth childproofing your kitchen. Think about features such as rounded edges and slip-resistant flooring and make sure any sharp or potentially dangerous items are stored well out of sight.

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  1. Focus on storage

    The more storage you have, the less cluttered your kitchen needs to be. This looks great and makes it safer too and maximises useful space. A kitchen refurb from a kitchen specialist such as can really help with your organising and storage solutions.

    3. Add kid-friendly features

    Add low shelves and drawers for any items that you want children to be able to access, such as utensils, beakers and snacks. You could also add a whiteboard or chalkboard for doodling or writing lists.

    4. Add family-togetherness

    Add a seating area into the kitchen island area or a bar stool zone if you can’t fit in a dining table. Create a gathering area where family members can get together for drinks, homework, food and conversation. Comfortable chairs encourage people to linger and make the atmosphere welcoming.

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  1. Get the admin right

    Families take a lot of organising, so put your materials in one place, such as your family calendar, shopping list, meal planner and any important reminders. This will give everyone one central spot to check and add information and help everyone to stay connected and informed.

    6. Add interactive features

    Consider adding a TV screen or smart display so that you can display family photos, play cooking tutorials or watch interesting shows together. Whether you focus on education or fun, it will ramp up the entertainment feel of the space and make it as versatile as possible, encouraging everyone to spend time together.

    Together, these tips will help you to create a safe and beautiful family space for you all to enjoy together.

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