Safest way of smoking without releasing smoke

Often we read on the posters and commercial ads that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking gives birth to several dreadful diseases in our lungs and throat such as asthma and cancer. Still people cannot control over this habit. The traditional cigarettes leave tar in the lungs that accumulates over there and resists the breathing. To overcome the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have been discovered that work efficiently in controlling over the health troubles.

electronic CigaretteWhat is an electronic Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a battery oriented equipment that imitates tobacco smoking. It consists of atomizer that heats the liquid solution to produce vapors. The atomizer is filled with nicotine and flavor solution. Different types of solutions are used with or without nicotine. Many electronic cigarettes are designed in the shape of traditional cigarettes however some also have different sizes and shapes.

End of smoking

The best electronic cigarettes may help to overcome the habit of smoking and prove to be more effective as compared to conventional pharmacotherapy since the physical experience of holding and puffing this device might be better at enhancing short term smoking desire. The surveys that have been made to determine the termination of smoking by using e-cigs. People who cannot control over their habit of tobacco consumption through medical practice and other methods, they can consider such device and chewing for prolonged use than smoking.

However E-cigs are not completely regulated for various reasons like traditional products, these are optional for use for the people who are unable to quit smoking or choose other methods. It has been found that these devices deliver less content of nicotine that gives a hope of strong tobacco replacement.

E-cig has lower harmful effects as compare to conventional systems so these are safe and can be used as nicotine replacement. However due to non regulation of its contents, various brands have been emerged that offer different concentrations of nicotine, that raises issues in this product.

Contents of Electronic Cigarette

Generally electronic cigarette has a cylindrical shape and looks like a traditional cigarette. Its main components are atomizer and power source. Atomizer is a middle part that has a heating element to vaporize the liquid solution and wicking material brings the solution inside. The heating wire is wound around the wicking material and joined with the positive and negative electrodes of the system. When the current is passed through the wire, it produces heat that converts the liquid into vapor that is then in taken by the user.

Many e-cig systems use cartomizer that consists of heating wire covered by liquid soaked foam that is by activation when the coil is dry or cartomizer is regularly flooded by sedimentation of wick. Generall, cartomizers can be refilled. If a cartomizer is connected to a tank, it improves the capacity of system.

The best electronic cigarettes contain rechargeable battery. These are made for expert smokers who are aware of how to use electronic systems.

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