Skin Care in summer

During the summer it is important to avoid the aging of the skin by sun exposure.  Did you know that one of the factors that most influence the damage of the skin is the ultraviolet radiation that comes mainly from the sun? For this reason, during the summer it is necessary to use sunscreen with a factor of more than 30 FPS. “For optimum care of the skin, we must repeat the placement of the protector every two or three hours, since even if we are not directly exposed, the rays refract on the pavement, in the sand or in the water, so that even Being covered or shaded, or cloudy, the skin can receive them, “explains Dr. Ariel Sehtman, a assistant professor of dermatology.

Skin Care

Higher temperatures dehydrate the epidermis more quickly and perspire people to a greater extent, thus increasing body moisture and making skin more prone to infections. “Exposure to the sun is often responsible for the appearance of spots on the skin, moles and in more extreme cases, melanomas,” says the specialist.

How to care for the skin in summer:

Skin Care


Apply daily moisturizer because it allows recovering lost moisture. It is advisable to use moisturizing creams containing glycerin and emollient components. In addition, it is suggested to consume two liters of water per day, to hydrate the skin from the inside.

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Exposure to the sun.

Minimize sun exposure in the central hours of the day. UVB rays increase between 10 and 16, a time in which people are advised not to expose themselves to the sun, even with a protector.

Skin Care


In summer it increases its use of the pools and this substance usually leaves the skin of the face and of the body very dry. It is important after a bath take a good shower and use some moisturizing gel that allows recovering the elasticity of the skin. It is recommended to use a moisturizer for the body and face.

Skin Care


The cells produce and regain their strength when they sleep, so it is important to sleep eight hours daily to help keep the skin in good condition.


To protect the skin, in times of high temperatures avoid wearing clothes or shoes with materials that favor the appearance of fungi.


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