Spa Bath Therapy: Healing and Rejuvenating

The spa bath therapy consists of immersing the body in individual tanks or collective pools. The thermal water used is always warm and has the special ability to retain the temperature by selling it to the body in a gradual manner, avoiding “thermal shock” even when its temperature is particularly high.  We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

This result in a pronounced and persistent dilation of the pores of the epidermis, which helps the absorption of minerals, contained in the water used for this type of therapy.

The spa bath therapy eliminates toxins. Through the heat, which enlarges the pores, and due to the chemical composition of waters the elimination of numerous toxins is promoted.

The therapeutic outcome is generally clear and lasting when the following information as specified in the prescription. Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.


The thermal bath can be profitably integrated with various mechanical systems tub.

In this regard, modern technologies have made the point that specific programs have on the patient appropriate hydraulic pressures and dynamics to different disorders to treat.

Even the temperature is adjusted according to carefully specified and controlled therapeutic criteria.

Progress in this field is continuously also thanks to Italian researchers and technicians.

The balneotherapy depending on the water, the thermal baths differ considerably depending on the chemical-physical characteristics of the water used.

Their salt concentration and the temperature of water make them distinguished in:

  • Bathrooms hypotonic or low mineralization, suitable in particular in dermatology for the cleaning and the rejuvenation of the skin;
  • Medium mineralization baths suitable for the relaxation and for functional rehabilitation programs;
  • Hypertonic baths or high mineralization is suitable for aesthetic treatments in depth, such as the elimination of “orange peel skin” of cellulite.

The water for balneotherapy must have a temperature that varies between 32 and 36 degrees centigrade.

The water used are bicarbonate-alkaline, carbonic, or sulfur and sulfate-rich with minerals.

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