Summer snack for children, ideas to prepare for a healthy choice

Light, healthy and tasty. So it should be a healthy snack for children’s summer of children. Therefore, industrial products, packaged snacks. And carbonated drinks are banned, which make the weight lighter without adding nutritious vitamins and minerals.

The snack, like breakfast and main meals, is important to regain energy. And even more in the summer, to replenish the liquids lost with sweating when you play and outdoor activities. Often at high temperatures, are the common thread of the day.

The first rule continues, as far as possible, to respect the rhythms of meals with breakfast, lunch. And dinner and two snacks: one in the middle of the morning and one in the middle of the afternoon. These are important, for children but also for adults, to ensure a balanced diet as long as they are made up of the right nutrients.

Summer snack for children, what to drinkSummer snack for children, ideas to prepare for a healthy choice

The snack is not only made of food but also of drinks. Which are even more important especially in hot weather.

It is advisable not to get children used to drinking carbonated drinks, pleasant but rich in sugars, which do not promote hydration. Water is the best drink also for the children’s summer snack; to make it more pleasant it can be aromatized by leaving infusion of lemon or orange slices and adding fresh mint to taste.

For a vitamin drink, it is good to resort to juices. But not to industrial fruit juices that are rich in sugars and free of vitamins. Above all, the latter is very important for the youngest. Who needs them for the normal functioning of the immune system and the correct energy metabolism.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, vitamins. And minerals such as potassium and magnesium. To prepare the summer snack of children are excellent Excellent therefore also centrifuged, but attention to the quantity: being devoid of fibers one would be led to drink large doses, but the fruit is still sugar.

A healthy snack for children: the best ingredientsSummer snack for children, ideas to prepare for a healthy choice

But what are the best ingredients for a healthy snack for children? The snack should provide 5-10% of the energy of each day, without removing the appetite for the next meal and at the same time without leaving the child hungry.

Space for seasonal fruit, of any type provided it varies: watermelon, peaches, apricots, pineapples, melons, plums, but also pears, apples, and red fruits. The fruits can be eaten on their own, in addition to yogurt or in the form of smoothies, a way to make fruit welcome even to those children who struggle to eat it.

In general, homemade snacks are preferable to those purchased. Better to avoid snacks and French fries, always too rich in simple sugars and saturated fats.Which is why they quickly make you feel hungry again. A homemade dessert, bread, and jam or bread with simple olive oil are valid alternatives. Only slightly more laborious, as well as yogurt, perhaps with fresh fruit in addition.

Summer snack for children: some suggestions

Summer is time for ice cream: a good choice for the children’s snack, as long as you don’t exceed the quantities: unless it is a fruit flavor, in fact, ice cream contains a good dose of fat and sugar. If desired, you can try to prepare it at home, with water, a little sugar, and fresh fruit pulp.

Homemade pudding with simple ingredients such as milk, cocoa, sugar. And flour allows you to dose the amount of sugar and choose the type of milk: instead of cow’s milk, it is possible to prepare it using a vegetable drink, made from rice, oats or almonds.

For the savory snack, it is better not to exceed in foods such as pizza. And focaccia, more suitable for dinner or special occasions. Bread seasoned with oil, tomato, and oregano, for example, is a possible alternative that can satisfy the taste. Or a small portion of chickpea porridge, which satisfies without weighing it down.


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