Supplements to gain muscle mass

Before taking ribose supplements to gain muscle mass creatine or, you must know its dangers, higher in anabolic steroids and pro hormones.

What are bodybuilding supplements?
In essence, are substances in the body. So there are some houses that put the label “natural”, which does not exempt them from potential health hazards when abusers. They are used by athletes bodybuilding to remove excess fat and muscle hypertrophy faster. First, we have to distinguish between:

  • FitnessSupplements to gain muscle mass themselves. The most popular are Creatine (marketed as creatine mono hydrate) and ribose (a sugar). The first volume increases muscle and apparently gives more strength. The second helps build muscle for beginners. Glut amine, an amino acid, is also in high demand and is used as an antioxidant. They are legal.
  • Anabolic steroids, which would put the tagline of androgenic testosterone related. Although banned (to be dangerous), are still used under the label of supplements for athletes.
  • Pro hormones, used to increase hormones, such as testosterone. They are also used in medicine for other purposes, but in these cases there is a disease and a disorder involved. Sporting purposes are prohibited.

Side effects of creatine and ribose

  • Weight gain with creatine use.
  • Some people also have noticed vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea.
  • When you stop taking creatine, the muscle becomes soft and flabby, has disappeared since the fat that surrounds it.
  • Ribose even have done enough testing. So you face any unknown disorder today.
  • As creatine, may cause nausea and diarrhea.
  • Also detected temporary hypoglycemia, dizziness, headaches and disorientation.

Creatine and ribose are legal substances that are not considered doping. Furthermore, some of these supplements to gain muscle mass usually come with Vitamin C. This micro nutrient, essential for the health, in high doses produces oxalate in the kidneys and interferes with iron absorption.

Anabolic Steroids
Derivatives of testosterone, anabolic steroids are illegal and potentially dangerous. In recent years, there have appeared as gels. That does not mean to produce the same effect as the pills.

Although their production and sale is prohibited, some gyms offer them to their customers, as they help to build muscle with amazing speed. Its serious contraindications are:

  • By altering testosterone levels have been detected in such major sexual problems that has come to impotence.
  • Remember that testosterone is related to prostate cancer, the most common in men. Modify your normal and natural to risk levels is a serious disease that can lead you to death but not before impair your quality of life.
  • Severe aggression and irritability, paranoia, mania and family problems entity.
  • As serious psychological disorders that have been detected suicidal instincts. During a trial at the University of Parma, had to suspend the dose to one of the participants and proceed to hospitalization.
  • Loss of fertility and decreased testicular size.
  • Decreased HDL (the good) in high doses and therefore risk of cardiovascular events.
  • Pro hormones work like anabolic: they are dangerous and illegal.

If someone gives you a gym are these substances, whether oral, in the form of gels or injected, you know what you risk to you, to shred your health.

If you want to have some nice muscles, you only need to take a good diet (you can zoom, moderately, doses of protein and carbohydrates in your diet) and hours of training.

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