Tackle Anxiety with Fortitude

Anxiety is a natural reaction that is activated in a situation of danger or threat that affects both body and mind. By its very nature, is recognized as a core function of survival. Tackle Anxiety However, when this state of “alert” is maintained for prolonged periods, it becomes a state that has been called “anxiety disorder” to describe the person who suffers it, is constantly worried about normal daily life situations.

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety at some points in our lives, which we describe as feeling anxious, nervous, worried and afraid something might happen or has already happened. Anxiety is a vague sense of danger or threat that we cannot pin down, but it’s there.

These feelings of anxiety are often mild and are overcome by the reflection or conversation with others. However in some people these feelings are of such magnitude or intensity that are able to feel fear, terror and even panic.

Other forms of anxiety can be experienced in the form of tension or stress and can occur in new situations like the so-called “stage fright” or shyness with the ability to interact with strangers.

In young people, anxiety can be caused by situations but do not represent a personal physical danger, do constitute reasons that may make you feel shame, fear of being wrong, imminent new situations, public speaking, etc..

Among the physical signs of an acute anxiety state may be named sweaty palms, heart palpitations or the feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”.

This anxiety disorder occurs most often in children, adolescents and young people and older people curiously are better able to resolve naturally atypical situations involving loss of loved ones and have better emotional responses to such challenges, compared to younger people.

In general, it is thought that older people have better ways to adapt to mitigate the negative experiences of higher impact and therefore have less anxiety states.

While not all older people react the same way and ways to address the problems differ by personal circumstances, due to previous over his life experiences, they do have better tools to face and resign themselves to various negative situations.

In a situation that produces a state of acute anxiety, try three or four deep breaths, to aspire cotton soaked in lavender essential oil for a few minutes or massaging the arms, shoulders and chest. It can also work positively the fact of repeating to yourself that everything will be fine and that nothing bad will happen or mentally recite a prayer asking for the support of the higher forces.

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