The Benefits of Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless cigarettes are growing in popularity and for a number of reasons. Of primary importance are the smoking habits of millions of American consumers, including people who may want to quit cigarettes, but not give up smoking. Smokeless cigarettes provide a number of physical and societal benefits, attributes that should be known if you’re considering a switch. 

Simulated smoking. Smokeless cigarettes are just that: without smoke. Instead, a flavored nicotine vapor is released, one that does not contain the thousands of chemicals found in regular cigarettes, including arsenic, formaldehyde, ammonia and butane.

Cleaner than the alternative. Cigarettes are dirty, messy and pollute the air. Smokeless cigarettes do not have that problem, therefore curtains will not get dirty, carpets will stay clean and your teeth will not reveal telltale signs that you are a smoker. Moreover, those nasty odors that accommodate cigarette smoking will not be found.

No burn hazards. Leave a traditional cigarette in an ashtray and there is always a risk that you’ll forget it and burn down the house. Smoking in bed, always a bad idea with cigarettes, is not a problem with smokeless cigarettes. If you fall asleep with your smokeless cigarette in your hand, there is no fire hazard risk.

Just stay inside. Most businesses and in many homes you cannot light up a cigarette. If you want to smoke, then you’ll need to step outside where the weather may be damp, not or simply miserable. With a smokeless cigarette, a harmless vapor change the equation. Most people won’t mind you using one, a habit that they’ll be glad you embraced!

Keep it clean. You’ve seen the mess and may have added a few butts of your own to the pile. That would be cigarette butts and ashes, what you generally do not control. With smokeless cigarettes, you won’t be littering. Indeed, you’ll be doing your small part to reduce the litter problem notes Smokeless Image Electronic Cigarettes.

Save yourself money. With cigarettes costing more than $5 per pack in some places, smoking is a habit that can test any budget. Smokeless cigarettes are not free, but you will find making the switch a more cost effective alternative, one that can save you a lot of money. Besides cartomizers, batteries and e-liquid, you can invest in carrying cases, lanyards and other accessories to keep your smokeless cigarettes handy.

Choose your flavors and strengths. Smokeless cigarettes can be had in a variety of flavors with varying degrees of nicotine emitted. The nicotine range is broad too, going from high strength to zero nicotine. Adjust your nicotine intake or eliminate it entirely.

Smokeless Considerations

There are a few other areas to consider as you weigh the switch to smokeless cigarettes. For one, your family will be very happy that you have given up a filthy habit and are looking after your health as well as considering the effects of secondhand smoke on others. For another, you’ll still enjoy the same feeling you get from smoking, satisfying your cravings without the attendant health problems.

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