The Best Things for Your Brain

We all know how important it is to stay healthy. Your body is your vehicle through life, and it’s the only one you’ve got. So you need to take care of it, by exercising your muscles and giving them the nutrients it needs. But what about your brain? Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It not only controls all of your muscles and other organs but is the center of operations for how you interact with every aspect of your life. It’s time your brain got the care that it deserves.


You can’t get through a day without coming across something that reminds you that you need to watch what you eat, be it an article in your favorite magazine, or the entrance to the drive-in of your favorite fast-food restaurant. While keeping a balanced diet tends to be a goal most people have for themselves, ironically how our diet affects our brains rarely crosses our minds. Foods high in antioxidants such as blueberries help protect your brain from oxidative stress, the process by which stress can actually change the chemical balance of the brain. Foods high in Omega-3s such as fish, are also beneficial not just because of the fatty acids they provide that your brain needs to function, but also because such foods contain anti-inflammatory agents. Any number of things can cause inflammation, from sickness to stress. When your brain suffers from inflammation, it can result in poor cognitive function as well as trouble creating memories.


Between work, family, and social obligations, even activities we can enjoy can make it hard to get everything that your brain needs from your diet. Some supplements can greatly increase your brain’s cognitive function. Which is good because the cognitive function is what allows us to learn and retain information, apply knowledge to new situations, and make everyday choices. Your brain is responsible for coordinating everything you think and do. So why not give your brain a little leg up if you can? Its got a lot of important things to do!


This is a tough one. We learn from the time that we’re children that getting enough rest is one of the most important things you need to do to keep yourself healthy, but for some, it’s a life-long struggle to actually get it done. While we know that we feel better after we’ve slept, that we feel more energized and sharp, it can still feel like sleep is really just the time that we spend not doing things. However, while it may seem like that to our waking selves, the brain performs some important functions during that time that it needs to do to keep in shape. One of the most important is flushing its system and cleansing harmful toxins. Other important things your brain does while you’re sleeping include making memories stick, and sorting through information that it’s gathered and organizing it so we can make better decisions while awake. So do your brain a favor by giving it the food and nutrients it needs, and make getting enough sleep a priority.

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