The Perks of Implant Dentistry

When people neglect their oral health, it is not surprising to discover that they have either broken or lost a tooth. In these circumstances, a bridge may have to be placed in the jaw if people have lost any teeth or even artificial teeth roots have to be installed for supporting a replacement tooth. Dental implants are the name given to these artificial teeth and they are part of the implant dentistry, which specializes in their implementation. Individuals who have lost a tooth or have missing teeth tend to become very self-conscious and their self-esteem also takes a blow. For such people, this field of dentistry is extremely helpful. Before the advent of this field, missing teeth were replaced with bridges, removable partials or full dentures.

Implant DentistryNow, dental implants are a natural option that can be availed by individuals for replacing their missing teeth. They are simply artificial teeth replacements that can be used for a group of teeth or even a single one. There are significant benefits of dental implants as compared to the other conventional options that are used. Versatility is the first notable benefit that’s reaped by individuals as it is possible for a dentist to use other restorative procedures along with the implants. For instance, a single implant can be used by people for providing support to a dental crown that’s used for missing teeth. The surgeon embeds this implant into the bone and beneath the gum and bond a cap to it.

When dental implants are used with dentures for supporting a dental bridge, which is used for joining to a tooth permanently in order to replace the missing one; the strength of the gums is boosted and irritation is reduced. However, the implant industry hasn’t become so popular just because of this reason. The best part about using these implants for dealing with damaged or missing teeth is that they look like natural teeth and an untrained eye will not be able to spot them from original teeth. The implants are able to provide structure and functionality and also look natural because they are connected to the natural bone.

In addition, the surgeons design the implants in a way that they are exactly the same shape and size as the other teeth. Another benefit that can be reaped by individuals is that they will not have to deal with any restrictions in their diet. It is possible to eat all kinds of foods as eating with implants is the same as eating with natural teeth. As opposed to dental implants, dentures are known to cause loss of bone structure because of lack of teeth, people can also suffer from facial collapse and premature aging is also seen.

As they give a boost to an individual’s self-esteem, dental implants are deemed to be an excellent remedy. There are no hindrances in speech, as with dentures and no clicking noises can be heard when people chew. Dental implants don’t have to be cleaned as in the case of dentures either. These factors have contributed to the rapid popularity of implant dentistry.

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