Things to Know about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormones are very essential for normal functioning of the human body as most of the behavioral aspects are dependent on their normal levels. These are responsible for various crucial activities of life such as reproduction, metabolism, and intelligence too. The pituitary gland is said to be the master gland as it releases a large variety of hormones needed for proper growth and development of human body. If any of the crucial hormones go below the normal range, the replacement therapy is then advised. Let’s look at the various aspects of this therapy.Therapy for Men

Why Does Anybody Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Men suffering from the problem of hypogonadism show deficiency of testosterone as the testicles are not able to produce required hormones in sufficient amounts. Therefore, they need external boost to restore the normal standards of testosterone in human body. This is really essential for ensuring the well-being of the person in all possible manners and is a guarantee to healthy, happy, and energetic life.

Men’s hormone replacement therapy is recommended for following reasons:

  • Infertility: Couples who get consultation for starting family are put to all sorts of reproductive system related tests. Testosterone level is one such crucial test and people failing in it undergo this therapy.
  • Restoration of normal sex life: Low level of testosterone is translated into nil sex drive and other sex related problems like inability to maintain erection and insufficient orgasms. Therefore, people are advised hormone replacement therapy so that they can enjoy their sex life to the fullest.
  • Increase in stamina: Athletes and other sports persons take testosterone shots for improving their performance on playfield. This reason is a bit contentious and many of the achievers were stripped off their medals when high testosterone levels were found in their blood.
  • Cheerful life full of vigor: If the person is always found in depressed state and low testosterone is recognized to be one of the reasons, he may be advised to get the testosterone level boosted so that the vigor of the life can be regained. Normal healthy life is desired by everybody and trying to repair the hormonal architecture is definitely advisable if the person’s mental and emotional condition is deteriorating day by day.

Types of HRT

Depending upon the condition and the level of deficiency of hormone in the blood, a person is advised HRT. Some theories say HRT may lead to increase in RBCs that may result into stroke as chances of clotting are increased considerably. Therefore, it is very much essential to monitor the testosterone level frequently so that overdose can be avoided.

  • Topical application of gel: Testosterone boosting gels applied to shoulders, abdomen, and arm register considerable increase in testosterone level.
  • Muscular injection therapy: Injection of testosterone can be administered intra-muscular for increasing the testosterone amount. Free T present in blood is measured every week and this therapy lasts for two to three weeks.
  • Patch application in rotation: Testosterone patches are worn on buttocks, back, abdomen, and arms in periodic rotation till the time normal levels are restored.

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Tony anderson discusses the number of roles that hormones play in human body. He supports Men’s hormone replacement therapy greatly to restore the hormone levels but he emphasizes on acquiring proper consultation from your doctor before the big act.

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