Three nutritional lies about weight loss

Much of what you hear, and unfortunately is implemented blindly, has no basis. Today three unmask the lies that say on your diet to lose weight.

One. Is it true that carbohydrates are fattening?
Yes and no. Not all carbohydrates are the same and if you exceed the bad (sugar, white flour and refined) definitely will make you fat. On the contrary, good quality carbohydrates contain lots of nutrients and fiber if consumed moderately, i.e. if not exceed you will not get fat. By contrast will help you lose weight. If you regulate the amount of carbohydrates you eat but especially those who have to eat, what you get is a good to a bad, definitely.

HealthOn the other hand any macro nutrient that will make you overeat fat, whether it is healthy or not. If you eat healthy carbohydrates and eat in the right amounts will benefit you in the process of weight loss and obviously not get fat.

Two. Should avoid fat at all costs?
Contrary. The human body needs three macro nutrients to function properly. These three macro nutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fats. But like the previous answer, there are fats that are harmful and there are fats that favor us. Fats you should avoid at all costs are saturated and hydrogenated, and the latter treated as poison. Instead yes you should consume unsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are the good fats. Fat is essential for many body functions, including omega 3 helps eliminate fat and thinning so do not stop eating. Good sources of fat are olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, seeds and nuts for example.

Three. If I get fat and night??
Nor expect a yes or no for an answer here. If you eat junk the nights definitely get fat, actually if you eat junk when it will increase your chances of gaining weight. The problem with eating late before going to sleep is the amount and the choices made. We talked about the scrap, but also important quantity. A night snack, say a glass of milk or a fruit or a handful of nuts is not something that is generally not allowed. So say a grilled chicken or fish with salad.

What should this myth, what happens at night? What happens is that our metabolism slows down at night, so less energy is needed to stay. It happens naturally when you sleep. The idea is that if you eat a lot of effort for little time, plus you’ll be very soon lying asleep, what can happen is that they increase the chances of accumulating excess food as fat. This is definitely not strictly so and end of day import more calories burned versus consumed calories and no schedules.

We hope that with these three beliefs have collapsed best resources to achieve your weight loss goal. Put them to the test and passed a few weeks you will notice the difference.

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